The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Part II: Kim's Drinking, Camille's Craziness Revisited

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After an emotional reunion special, the sun has set on our beloved Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Andy Cohen is simply bananas over his new golden geese.

Kyle and Kim's season finale fight was relived, Camille displayed her true (borderline insane) colors again and Lisa and Adrienne cemented their fan-favorite status.

How did the women leave things as we begin the long hiatus before Season 2? Our RHOBH critic brings you up to speed on everything that went down right here:

I like (okay, loved) Lisa, Taylor, Kyle, Kim, Adrienne and even Camille. I just want to draw hearts all over Lisa Vanderpump's face. Part One of the Reunion Special was a bit of a bitch-fest compared to last night's conclusion.

We had to beat a dead horse with Kyle and Camille for a sizable chunk of the episode, but after that we moved on to more interesting topics. Such as, you ask?

Cedric's attempt to extort Lisa and Ken for goodness-knows-what, followed by a "where is he now" segment. What a cad. He-who-takes-acting classes and can't be bothered to button his shirt during an interview has the audacity to speak ill of Lisa Vanderpump.

How dare you, Cedric?

You describe your day-to-day life with Lisa as if it's you who's put out. You were the one who shacked up at their house for free! You were the one taking handouts (and a visa, no less) all the while sharpening your teeth to bite the hands that so generously feeds you.

Shame on you, silly man. We know you're quite broken from a very traumatic childhood, but these people are your friends. And as friends they are setting boundaries and being crystal clear about their expectations. Lisa never tried to abandon you.

She tried to help you grow up. And give Ken back his luggage. 

What to discuss next? So much happened last night. There were points in the episode that I did feel Kyle was being a bit of a bully. I know! I know! Camille is slightly crackers and deserves much of what she got, but Kyle has a tendency to discredit EVERYTHING that comes out of Camille's mouth.

Is anyone with me? Lisa sure isn't, but Kim took a veeeeeeery pregnant pause when Andy Cohen asked her if Kyle was a bully. 

Then things got tough. We had to sit through Kim and Kyle's season finale fight. It was so hard to watch, especially hearing crazy things come out of Kim's mouth (again) like "You stole my Goddamn house!" and "You drink all day!"

It was unsettling and unpleasant and shouldn't have been aired. But, here we are talking about it. I was a little weepy myself when Kim and Kyle sat next to each other, because it was clear so much damage had been done to their relationship.

Andy Cohen tried his best to get Kim to talk about that night, but she refused and that was the right thing to do. In the past, idiot housewives would have been happy to share such "hardships" with Andy, but this seems like a serious enough issue that it's best that we not know all the details. Not to mention it's none of our business.

All in all, I walked away from this franchise really liking the ladies of Beverly Hills. Adrienne and Lisa are tied for first, but I can't rank the rest of them. They're all neck-in-lifted-neck for second and third. I could probably put Taylor at the bottom and let the other three duke it out.

So Much To Discuss Instead Of Printing Out Those TPS Reports

  • Camille's New York press tour might have cleaned up her image a bit. She handled herself well against the likes of Barbara Walters and Joy Behar. I didn't shake my fists at her once, which means it was a success.
  • Who is paying for Cedric's acting classes?
  • Hello to the Househusbands!  Mauricio, you're looking delicious. Ken, the teeth look great and I'm dazzled by your diamond man-brooch. Russell, you're still looking drippy. Paul, how is your nose? 
  • Adrienne got a pre-nup and she's not afraid to show it. Smart girl.
  • Kim's stone face was totally edited to be shown when Russell said "I don't have the energy for a twenty year old."
  • FINALLY. Non-husband Nick was addressed. You're good for few things, Andy Cohen, and this was one of them. Kissing your friend's hubby on the lips, then making an "O" face is not appropriate. Don't kiss them on the lips at all. Stick to shaking hands if you find the lips difficult to resist.
  • "You started the fight!" Cohen's right, Taylor. You started the season finale fight. Then you went to Mexico with The Drip.
  • Yes, Kyle did ask for it when crazy Alison the medium shattered the illusion of her happy life. But then it seems the electronic-cigarette picked up a bad signal and read Camille's life instead. You might want to fix those signals, medium.

Are we all watching the same show? Most of you seem to forget that KIM and CAMILLE ARE CRAZY, INSANE, OFF THEIR ROCKERS despite if what Kyle has done. Kyle is a strong dominant woman and Kim just can't stand up for herself. If Kim was as elegant and classy as all of you have been saying, she would not have come off so poorly on the show. Her kids? They cant stand her! And natural, most pretty on the reunion?? I dont think so... Don't get me wrong I like Kim, but natural and pretty were not the things I saw when they did close ups on Kim. I saw fake tan, fake blond, pumped up lips, and caked on make-up. You all only THINK you like Camille now because of all the money and people she had since hired to help her clean up her image such as the press tour she had done recently in NY and LA. Give me a break. Come on people, wake up!!!


Agree that the reunion was not only dissatisfying but clearly manipulated to serve Kyle's purposes. This series should have been called "Dragon Queen: The Kyle Richards Show". The more we listen to Kim Richards, the more we absolutely adore her. That woman doesn't have a phony bone in her body. We applauded when she told Andy that she wasn't going to talk about Kyle's allegations. Kyle venom seems to be present un Lisa and Cedrics breakup of their 15 year relationship. And Lisa has known Kyle for what, one year? The malicious attack strategies seem soooo familiar. Isn't it funny how Kyle seems to be involved in every negative relationship dynamic and character assassination? Whether it be Camille, Kim, Cedric, or Taylor's marriage. Kyle is poisonous.


I truly hate reality shows, however it always makes one curious when friend talk about them - so I watched - from the first episode I watched as saw Kyle as evil incarnate, the phony hair put me off - I have long hair and so do several of my friends and sorry her's looked pretend and that's was the first clue - she always gets her way and has treated her sister horribly - Taylor likes to rabble rouse and the others seem to be passable woman, somewhat decent - My prayer - Disney calls Kim and get her a family movie and she can show her talent and get her own life back-especially in light of her sisters numerous theft's Kyle is not a lady I'd like to meet - her pretentious just make me want to yank out the phony hair - I agree she is evil and the psychic was just having fun and defending a friend - so much over reaction I could go on and on but what a waster of time - will just keep Ki in prayer and hope her world improves and she has the smarts to avoid her sister in the future -


The Reunion shows were bogus. The real elephant in the room was Kyle's betrayal and malice towards her sister....backed up by shallow, phony elephant Taylor/Shana and baby elephant Lisa. Those three made up the couch of shame. I heard from a friend in LA that Kyle's reputation has plummeted in that community. However, her sister Kim's honesty and integrity came shining through and people respect her for it, regardless of Kyle's nasty allegations. Andy did not understand the "temperature in the room" when he glossed over the transgressions of Kyle, Taylor and yes, even Lisa. Camille was the ONLY one who stated the obvious - that Kyle bullied her sister. She was the only one to say it. Kudos to her.


I found myself commenting out loud to Kyle during both reunion shows. I can't stand how smug she is. I can't stand how argumentative she becomes about anything that is said by Kim or Camille. She really showed herself poorly over the course of the series and was at rock bottom at the reunion.
Taylor is a trouble making shallow woman. She reminds me of those girls we all knew who wouldn't let you be friends with anyone else if you were friends with them. I loved that Andy told her it was her who started the fight. True dat.
Lisa and Adrienne are lovely women who came through the series better than any other housewife ever.
I feel for Kim. She probably shouldn't have done the series. She's leading the life of a struggling single mom, not a Beverly Hills life like the others. I know she hopes for it and wants it, but it probably isn't who she really is, and she should let it be and be true to herself. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.


Mauricio and Kyle stole from Kim.
The poor Kim has no chance to get better ...only because of her insane mother(just like Kyle).There's lots of damage to take care of.God has blessed Kim with beautiful-good children....this will help her a lot.
I see lots of anger in Kyle.
I see serenity in Camille.
I see compassion in Lisa....but please stay away from Kyle.
Taylor she's a lost soul.
Adrienne she's fine.


Kim was the only one on that stage who looked natural, pretty, classy, and youthful. WE LOVE YOU,KIM. And if Kim does have a problem, we pray that loving, intelligent, supportive people who want the best for you come forward and enter your life. Kyle is dangerous regarding Kim's welfare. EGADS...these women do look deformed. Scary. Kyle looks like an evil witch right out of a horror story, and acts like one, too.


Kyle took everything that Kim has worked for ...since she was 6 months old.SHAME on you Kyle....give back to KIM ....
You are a nasty,cold,insecure humang being.
In the limo....Kim said that you took her house....I do believe her.Your sister bought the house for your crazy mother ....and your crazy mother she left the house to you ...thnking that Kim was not into shape to take care business.Shame on the Richards family.Kim is suffering because of your mother craziness.Kyle give back to Kim...the house ...the cars.. does not belong to you or your dead mother.It was KIM's MONEY .


Kyle is disgusting...inside and out. She had the nerve to criticize Kim's style???? Kyle, with the capris and pedal pushers on her short, stumpy legs with cankles, the brown and orange lip gloss and caked on makeup, the caftans, the sleeves with slits in them (WTF), the ridiculous Morticia Adams hair, the tacky, ostentatious jewelry, etc etc etc. Kim came out smelling like a rose. Your diabolical plot to destroy your sister on national TV due to your insane envy, bitterness, and jealousy backfired, dumbass Kyle. Camille also looks like an angel compared to the Vile one.


I have come across woman like Kyle the Vile my whole life. They marry young to some wimpy guy who will put up with their BS because they don't have the intelligence or ambition to succeed on their own, or get an education. They pop out kids to be their minions in their matriarchal society in which they are the Queen Bee.. they never develop socially or mature beyond the age they married so they stomp through life bullying and acting like assholes. They emasculate their pathetic husbands as in "Kyle is always right" to the point where they do passive aggressive thing s like flirt with and leer at every woman in sight. They will only surround themselves with those who they can manipulate and use in their diabolical plots to try to demean others to make themselves look better. Kyle is the one who is insecure and jealous and mean, and mentally ill. Limo, anyone. SOmeone needs to permanently wipe that smug, obnoxious smirk off of her ugly witchy face!