The Pulse: Inside the Billy Ray vs. Miley Feud

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What destroyed the Cyrus family, according to Billy Ray?

Who is attacking Miley?

How would this country artist rewrite history if given the chance?

All of these topics are covered below, as THG presents our first edition of The Pulse. Custom made for readers who don't have time to click through numerous stories, this is your chance to get caught up in just 90 seconds. Sit back and prepare to be shocked by the comparisons made by Billy Ray now...


All Billy ray is trying to do is bring his family back together. I would do the same Fame took then apart Miley needs to support her dad I think he just trying to put everything back together and if it was the Hannah Montana that needed to end so be it .GO BILLY RAY FIGHT FOR WHAT'S RIGHT


whatever Billy Ray does, stay in that girls life! Fight for what you want for her. Dont let those Hollywood people take advantage of her.


@MileyHater: Only a twisted, cruel, hateful low-life of a person actually WISHES for a family to fall apart. Why are you so bitter? What did Miley Cyrus or her family ever do to YOU for you to say that they deserve to suffer? You sound like you actually want her to have a breakdown. That's just sick. And why do you say sexuality and independence as if they're bad things? You sound like some chastity-belt wearing freak who's part of some religious cult. Yuck!


I know that little know-it-all blaze is going to show up somewhere here so when you do check this out:
http://www.thehollywoodgossip.... On this issue all l can say is that Cyrus Family is getting what they deserve, I actually do know them and this is just the beginning. People like blaize should really get ready for breakdown. There is nothing wrong with HM, so many other shows are far more famous than it is like Suite Life, or Wizards, they all stay pretty cool... look at the Sprouse twins, they've been in the business for so long, not even to mention Emily Osment and Selena Gomez!! The problem is Miley and her no good father, too much freedom for a child... and as blaize would say sexuality (smirk) and independence (scoff)!!!


Strip clubs Billy gay would go to in Huntington. He was a nasty man when he played in that Bar in the west end.


kind of disaster


im sure billy ray is just askin for attention, since hannah montana is over he wont be as famous as bnefore while miley is still mantaining her place,and after the recent things that happen his just tryin to get something out of the situation


this is kind of rediculous i meen he cant blame his family issues on hannah montana i loved that show and i dont think it the shows fault and they should talk and work things out and everything that i would say had ruined there family is all the stress and all the things Miley has done (not saying its her fault) dont let the fame ruin ur guys relationship even more than it has




WOW!!!!!! this was weird sure Billy having trouble with his life we all do I LOVE Hannah Montana! but I know why it was channneled because Miley needed to go to collage and make a living she cant always count on her dad to be there for her sometime he wont be here Miley talk to him before it's to late this happened to my friend once she got in a HUGE fight with her dad then they just stopped speaking to each other and then he got killed and my friend regreted what she had done Miley or Billy TALK TO EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! before it's to late please do it for your fans

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