The One Bright Spot at the Academy Awards...

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The 2011 Academy Awards sucked.

You'd be hard pressed to find a viewer who was legitimately entertained by James Franco and Anne Hathaway as hosts, or who was actually surprised at a single major winner.

Or who didn't get the impression that Melissa Leo feigned shock when she heard her name announced, and then proceeded to pretend like she cursed by accident. In short: the entire event was a disaster.

With the exception of one comedy bit. The ceremony featured a humorous compilation of movie clips, from Toy Story 3 to Eclipse, Auto-Tuned in a montage posted here. Watch and laugh:


Come On people it wasn't that bad and all of the video montages were great!


have you been out and about? Surely, THG is the gentlest site out there, so far LOL! Its true, the whole production sucks!! I think James Franco and AH went into hiding after hosting the greatest disaster of all times. Read James F bailed out from his own party... Who can blame him? LOL!


Don't understand why THG keeps beating up on the Oscars. They were good imo. Outstanding? No. But not terrible in any way. They were enjoyable. Nothing more, nothing less.


excuse me, but Twi fans aren't 12 years old who get blown away everytime they focus on Lautner's six packs and tanned nipples! An insult to the fandom!