The Black Eyed Peas Halftime Show: What Did You Think?

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The Black Eyed Peas didn't have any Christina Aguilera-like mistakes during their Super Bowl XLV performance.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

The quartet kicked off a medley with “I Got a Feeling,” before Fergie was joined by Slash to perform “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” From there, Usher swooped in for a rendition of “O.M.G.," only for the group to finish up on its own with “Where is the Love” and “The Time (Dirty Bit)." The former even included a plea to Obama...

Our take? One of the most entertaining, fun-loving halftime concerts in recent memory. What did you think?

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Lots of glitz and flash masquerading as talent. Next time, have a band that is actually a band - musicians, in other words.


Anyone who thought that performance was good should be lined up first for population control.
There are too many idiots in the world.
Dear Lord, bring on the flood.


Milli Vanilli won a Grammy too. And their live performance was no worse that what the BEP's served up last night.


A new saying was born last night. Joining "dose a bear poop in the woods?" and "is the pope Catholic?" is "do the black eyed peas suck?"


News flash: POP STARS HAVE NO TALENT Even on a bad day, someone who makes as much money as they do should at least sound decent with just their raw materials and nothing to enhance (or in their case completely recreate) their voices. It was seriously painful to watch, I kept hoping that the power would go out and the mics stop working all together. Visuals were kinda cool though, I would love to be on of those people dancing on the football field, just to say I did it. Think of what a waste of money that halftime show was. I know I certainly would be wanting a refund of my ticket if I had been in the audience :-p


That was one of the WORST renditions of GNR Sweet child 0f mine I have ever heard. When ppl sing that song they really need 2 stop QUIVERING their voice like Axel. Fergie is pretty bt her voice isnt that great. They all looked stupid standing around not barely moving. Thank god 4 Usher. He stole the show! Love him. Dont know why they keep having boring entertainment? Id love 2 see someone exciting next year. The BEP were dull. Hated the outfits. God those shoulders on Fergies costume. Yuck! Lolz. Thank god 4 the MUTE button!


Worst halftime ever The Black eyed peas need to stay in the studio where they get the help from sound effects..they looked like they came from outer space..made a mokery of the Super Bowl poor taste...can't sing never could


I'm not much into football, so I just tuned in to see who would be the entertainment for halftime. I usually like and enjoy the Black Eyed Peas performances, but when I finally realized who was singing I couldn't believe my ears. It was terrible. I changed the channel and never went back to it.


Yes, the Grammy selection committees apparently do suck. They know very little about what makes good "music" any more. How else do you explain talent-less individuals such as the Black Eyed Peas being acknowledged for the garbage they record. It was the worst Super Bowl halftime ever. If you considered that as entertainment, I truly pity you.


I love the BEP's music but have never seen them live. Last night was just horrible. Fergie's voice was so bad, I was not looking forward to her parts in the song. The visuals were great and fun to watch, but I almost felt like muting.