The Bachelor Swimsuit Issue Date: Crazy Michelle Money Mauls Brad, Makes Chantal O'Brien Cry

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Three of the girls on The Bachelor posed for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue last night. As we discussed in our Bachelor recap, this was both hot and awkward.

Ashley Hebert and Chantal O'Brien certainly looked the part of SI models, but when it came time for Michelle Money's turn, she unleashed her crazy side yet again.

The bad news? Her near-topless mounting of Brad Womack drove Chantal to tears and made viewers queasy. The good news? It ultimately ran her out of town.

Here's the SI swimsuit issue shoot in its sexy, uncomfortable entirety:

While Irina Shayk took the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover, Ashley and Chantal killed it during their shoots and gave any of the supermodels a run for their ...

Sorry. As for Michelle, the unstable, sexually aggressive schtick had a good run, but officially ran its course after this. Even Brad came to his senses eventually.

Who do you want to win The Bachelor?


There is a reason that Emilys daughter don´t look at him ..or want to interact with him....children see through fake people...and she should look and follow her daughters reaction...that is probably the right one.. Let her find a nice guy instead...


I have been watching some of this seasons But that is going to stop now! This show is SICK! The psycological play in this is just really too much..and if the competition was away...look at this guy ..he is like..eeeeeh DOH... They want him because they are fighting for a price... and him making out with all off them ..just makes me sick.. This kind of show...would NEVER run in my country..never.


dude have sex with aii the girles and fine the one to fuck for life.

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