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This evening on The Bachelor, Brad Womack takes his final three potential wives - Ashley Hebert, Chantal O'Brien and Emily Maynard - to South Africa.

There can be only one Final Rose doled out March 14, though, which means two emotional decisions await Brad before then. Two beauties must be cut.

We now know for sure who wins that final rose - and if you've been reading The Bachelor spoilers up until now, it's actually NOT who you think.

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Will Brad pick Ashley (left), Chantal (center) or Emily (right)?

Last week, we reported that one of the women above would be the next Bachelorette. This still appears to be the case. But the winner of this season?

Intelligence now suggests a different conclusion to the finale than we believed to be accurate as recently as this weekend. So who's it gonna be?

Follow the jump for all The Bachelor spoilers ...

Having led people to believe Brad was engaged to Chantal O'Brien for three months now, Reality Steve is now eating crow, and a hearty helping at that.

Brad has been engaged to Emily Maynard this whole time.

Whether sources were deliberately misled to keep this ending a secret until the end (or at least very close to the end), is unclear. But that's how it is.

The dominoes started to fall recently. Chantal was seen out on a date - potentially explaining why she would turn down the role as The Bachelorette.

When we assumed it was Emily who got rejected in the end, and then heard Ashley H. would be The Bachelorette, we assumed Emily didn't want it.

This made more sense, given her family situation. But why would Chantal turn it down? If rumors that she met a new guy are correct, this adds up.

Also, Emily's house is on the market in Charlotte, and Brad supposedly let it slip (in not as many words) on vacation in Cabo that Emily is the one.

Cue the deluge of emails from insiders saying with 100 percent certainty that it's Emily, not Chantal, and we're all up to date, having done a 180.

There you go. Sorry, fans of Chantal O'Brien, but as a leader in the field of celebrity gossip, sometimes we report on just that. Gossip and rumors.

We don't like to be wrong, but we're only as good as inside sources purportedly are. We've now given you the latest, most accurate scoop we've got.

No matter what, you can always count on us for that.

What do you think? Is Emily Maynard right for Brad? Would you have rather seen him with Chantal or Ashley - and are you convinced this is correct?


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I Love Emily........I am so glad Brad picked her. I think Chantel is beautiful also, but there is something about Emily that had me from the get go.........Brad did good......Emily is just going to take it a little slow..leave her along.


First, I can't believe how illiterate most of these bloggers are! I can barely understand what half of them are trying to say. Second, America is really sick. People are calling Chantal fat because she's not anorexic. I thinks she is beautiful and is a realistic healthy size. Emily does not feel the same for Brad as he does for her. I don't trust her. I believe that Chantal really loved Brad. I think his family were pulled in by Emily's single mother,dead fiance' drama.I feel sorry for her, but I think Chantal was the better woman for Brad.


Susie, the way you repeatedly attack Chantal's appearance so vehemently only shows jealousy on your part. Chantal's a beautiful woman and anyone could see that.


Told ya c ya go home n keep screwng ur ex cause that's all ur worth


Sorry norma u must be in 200 club, but em weighd that when she was pregnant! And while she breast fed that beautiful daughtr.


Just read some more of the comments, n ur right, people just love to hate the gorgeous blondes. Yes WE have brains n beauty.


C ya FAT ASS! Chantel can go home with daddys money n get some lypo EVERYWHERE! You go Emily, its in the bag. If she has the approval of the twin, u know she'll win.


People are hating on Emily because don't some people just love to hate on a cute skinny blonde girl. Typical!! LOL


Emily has not had plastic surgery, get your head out of the tabloids & move on with your life. Old pix of her & her late fiancé proves she is a tiny girl & always has been. Good pick Brad. They seem to be on the same maturity level so
I think they will last longer then him & Chantel would have. Although I like Chantel & how open and real she was with Brad the entire show.

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