Teresa Palmer and Zac Efron: Dirty Dancing and Butt Grabbing!

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While the status of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens remains a question mark, this might clear things up a bit:

The actor reportedly acted VERY single in Hollywood last night.

A witness tells E! News that Efron got awfully cozy with Australian actress Teresa Palmer at Voyeur nightclub, arriving after midnight and sitting at a VIP table where they "drank, dirty danced and made out," the site confirms.

Zac E.

"They all took tequila shots together. He was grabbing her butt and doing very suggestive dancing," says an onlooker. "Then they made out a couple of times standing up where they were dancing. I was surprised they were doing that in front of everyone. It was like they didn't care.

"They were there for like an hour and left together."

Palmer stars in the upcoming I Am Number Four. She's been linked romantically to Topher Grace and Russell Brand.


Zac has every rite to do what the hell he likes with anyone he wants to! Let the lad live his life!! Don't judge the bloke if ya don't know the real him coz nee 1 does till ya meet someone (:


she looks so better than vannesa and thats a fact


Vanessa is No pushover. At the rate that Zac is pushing to make himself seem available, one of these days he is going to call Vanessa and she is Not going to pick up the phone!!


AWWW Vanessa was waaay better


his mind is like another 15-year-old nerdy... so... he thinks with his dick... like everyguy so... i think... he has the chance to get fun like anyone...
no one trust in him?... where u meet him? in the TV? XD awful... SO LIVE YOUR LIFE (Rihanna) NERDS!!!


at this time zac has lost a lot fans already and nobody trust him anymore. So, all the fans are sympathy of vanessa hudgens. Good luck van for your upcoming movies and God bless.

Team me

You people are stupid. You have no idea what kind of person he is. He has a sex drive just like every other man in the world. And that Australian bitch is waaay hotter than Vanessa. I hope he got him some.


you kno youre the one who should get your facts straight bcz THG wasnt the only one to say that they broke up magazines and more places also said it!!!!


He tweeted just days ago that he and vanessa never broke up.that they've been together,this is the 6th year without any break up. THG,get ur facts right,this story is bullshit.check his twitter page.rubbish,let Zanessa be.




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