Teen Mom 2 Clip: Jenelle Evans Sucks at Parenting

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Jenelle Evans is not a good parent. Just ask her own mother, Barbara.

Stumbling home and appearing far more interested in a new boy she just met than the little boy she gave birth to, the Teen Mom 2 star was reprimanded harshly by her mom on this week's episode of the controversial MTV program.

Here's Jenelle Evans hung over, annoyed and covered in hickeys ...

Jenelle already forfeited legal custody of Jace to Barbara prior to this classy mother-daughter screaming match, likely not the first or last of its kind.

"Where the hell you been, Jenelle?" Barbara yelled. "Look at your damn neck! All of the hickeys all over your friggin’ neck!" Nice work, Kieffer Delp.

Awkwardly, Barbara then turned to her scarred-for-life baby grandson and said, "Your mother's a bad girl ... bad, bad, bad." Yup ... pretty much.

Jenelle's reply: "I'm tired, I have a headache, I feel like I'm going to throw up!"


Too LoLo and all the other teen moms out there who are doing such a hard job and doing it right I must say way to go!! I don't think I could have done it as a teen. I don't think teen pregnancy is a good thing, but to those who have managed to get through it and do right by your child I applaud you for your selflessness.


Jenelle does not want this child no matter what she may say. She should be taking this time while her mother has custody to clean up her act,get some mental health help,get some parenting classes or education and work on creating a real mother child bond with her little boy. Her mother needs to kick her ass out. That poor little boy should not be exposed to Jenelle nor should he be exposed to the screaming matches!! I am a mother,tho not a teen mom and even for me as an adult being a parent is a hard job. But unlike Jenelle most parents want to do and be the best for our children and we love them so much we would sacrifice anything for them. In order to raise a child to be a good person one must model that behavior for them.Jenelle is not a mother. I feel so sad for this poor little boy!!


I was a teen mom & took full responsibility for my child. I gave up everything to be a good parent & on the rare occasions when my mom would babysit, I went out but never did anything wrong. If I came home with a hickie at any age my mom would have knocked me out. Janelle is a piece of trash who will regret her choices later. Once you become pregnant your life is your child.


Thank God this poor excuse for a mother did one thing right for her son. She signed over temp.custody to her mother! Now she just needs to disappear so Jace can have a normal Jenelle free life. What a mess of a woman.


That bratty child Mum needs an attitude adjustment. What a self centered bitch. Her Mum is taking care of the child while she just revolves in her own selfish world. She doesn't deserve to have this child.

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