Teen Mom 2 Clip: Jenelle Evans Sucks at Parenting

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Jenelle Evans is not a good parent. Just ask her own mother, Barbara.

Stumbling home and appearing far more interested in a new boy she just met than the little boy she gave birth to, the Teen Mom 2 star was reprimanded harshly by her mom on this week's episode of the controversial MTV program.

Here's Jenelle Evans hung over, annoyed and covered in hickeys ...

Jenelle already forfeited legal custody of Jace to Barbara prior to this classy mother-daughter screaming match, likely not the first or last of its kind.

"Where the hell you been, Jenelle?" Barbara yelled. "Look at your damn neck! All of the hickeys all over your friggin’ neck!" Nice work, Kieffer Delp.

Awkwardly, Barbara then turned to her scarred-for-life baby grandson and said, "Your mother's a bad girl ... bad, bad, bad." Yup ... pretty much.

Jenelle's reply: "I'm tired, I have a headache, I feel like I'm going to throw up!"


Lulabelle, what are you talking about? Liberals are pro-choice, meaning they feel that abortion is an option to consider. It's the ultra-conservatives who feel that abortion is murder (it's against their religion) and therefore they are the ones who rage against abortion. I'd like to know what world you live in...


This is exactly what happens when bleeding heart liberals pound their chests and rage against abortion: babies having babies and NO ONE wanting them. I'd rather abort a fetus that was bound for a life with the likes of Barbara and Janelle that to see that precious life being raised by those two. This is all we need: more idiots raising children who are destined to be idiots, too. This is what is wrong with society and why you see so many slack-jawed gene-deficient people at Wal-Mart.


It is obvious by Janelle's jaw that she was born from an "insufficient gene pool" and by her mother's actions and speech that her brain never developed fully, either. Although Barbara, the grandmother, SEEMS, when on camera, to care for her grandson, Jace, properly, it would be even more interesting to see what happens between the two when the cameras aren't rolling. Typically, people of Barbara's ilk are undereducated and prone to blowing up out of frustration due to their own stupidity. Jace needs to be removed from both Barbara and Janelle permanently.


I think janelle should step up and be a mother wow she got pregnint at sixteen i got pregnint at 13 wow and i take care of my baby i was with my baby all the time and graduated thairs no reason she acts like that hermoms right she should not have sex dus she want more babys???????????????????


Barbara is a head case and a control freak. She thinks she is Jace's mother, but Jenelle is in some fog and walks by her invisible son all the time. But, living with a mother like that, who wouldn't mentally check out? Jenelle keeps picking loser boy after loser boy. She's got the priorities of a 16 year old and her mother wants her to poof turn into someone she can't be right now. Her mother has scary eyes, like there's no soul in there. I feel bad for Jenelle. She needs to get away from her mother. I think everyone loses here. Barbara needs intensive therapy. She doesn't even see how manipulative, controlling and overbearing she is.


ok so why jenelle felt like throwing up?????

@ jasmine v.

Because she was on a hangover, duh! What do you think!! Because of her stupid a** manipulating, overbearing, controlling mother, and you dummies blaming Jenelle for all this emotional abuse she faced. PATHETIC!


Poor, poor Jace. Good grief.
Being surrounded by all that yelling and fighting is stressful for the family and child; it's an unhealthy environment for Jace. If there is this kind of ridiculous, classless screaming match going on all the time, the home is unfit. Just ask Amber and Gary. Right now, it doesn't seem like Barbara OR Jenelle can give Jace all he deserves. Now that Jenelle has become a mother, she should step up completely, or step down completely and let someone more prepared give Jace a good life. Being a mother means making difficult decisions. It means sacrificing your sleep, your parties, for your baby. Your baby NEEDS you to be there for him. So BE there. It's not about you anymore, Jenelle. It'll never be about you like it was before Jace. Jace should come first in your decisions and actions. You should think things through and do what's best for him.

Ashley barnard stone

I'd act out too if I had to live in a house with Barbara! She grates my nerves. Just watching her on the screen makes me anxious! Jenelle is the way she is because of her mother.

@ Ashley Barnard Stone

Ashley, u took those words out of my mouth, COMPLETELY!!!


I was a teen mon and now almost 40 and have 3 boys. I feel sorry for that poor baby boy. I think he should be taken away from Jenelle and Barbara. They both have mental issues and that baby needs to be in a house with a stable family. They way Barbara treats her daughter will be the way she treats Jace. I have a controlling mother just like Barbara and that is not a good way to grow up. I think someone needs to step in and take Jace. He would be better in a stable home. This is just my opinion and nit wanting to get into any arguments with anyone over it. Good luck baby Jace. Jenelle get your life together and Barbara back off and learn that people gave feelings. You raised Jenelle so think about that. If she is acting out of control then maybe you need to work on your parenting skills.


I remember Hickeys... they hurt like hell. The ones on the neck were not that bad though. HA!!

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