Teen Mom 2 Clip: Jenelle Evans Sucks at Parenting

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Jenelle Evans is not a good parent. Just ask her own mother, Barbara.

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    I think Jenelle needs to grow up and be a parent and not always going, you barely ever see the other teen moms going out all night and not coming home, Her mother has the right to take her child because jenelle dosent bother with jace, she has no problem going to jersey with kieffer leaving her mom to look after him, shes by far the worst of all the moms, she needs to get her act together and be a mother


    I think Jenelle is trying but she keeps messing it up. she doesn't know any better, look at the person who raised her. She's her mother's daughter.


    why havent they filed abuse charges against Barbara for how she treats janelle no wonder poor janelle is so messed up wonder how long until barbara abuses jace


    There is nothing wrong with barbara jenelle just needs to grow up and take responsabillity for her child ya shes a teen but she should have thought of that before opening her legs


    Jenelle does make some bad decisions, but overall her mother makes even worse ones. Jenelle, the best thing you could do for Jace is get your own place, get through school and get him away from your mother. Let's face it honey, she obviously resents having to take care of him, and there will come a time when he will feel it, if he doesn't already. You need away from her negitivity too, it is dragging you down, thus dragging Jace down.You can get your son back, if you want to.


    I have chosen not to watch this show on the grounds that it inadvertently glorifies the teen moms involves. They are making as much as six figures for their involvement and getting their stories sold to magazines (albeit tabloids). Yes the show depicts how hard motherhood can be at such a young age but MTV has been irresponsible in its handling of the "stars." As for Jenelle and her mother, both are far from suitable parental figures for Jace. I've always marveled at situations where the grandparent ends up raising their grandchild b/c THE CHILD THAT THEY'VE ALREADY RAISED has proven unsuitable for parenthood. It perpetuates the cycle. Jace might actually be better off to be removed entirely from them both.


    Jenelle is so immature Dr. Drew should not allow them to be on the show. He should get them help as a family in private. This is more then a "teen mom"....situation.


    How could Jenelle be a great mom? She has no one to look to to show her what a great mom is! Her mom is an awful mother as well! She might be an okay grandmother but as a mom Babara sucks way worse than Jenelle in my opinion!! To constantly call your child horrible names and never tell them good job when they do something right is down right sad! Also bad mouthing Jenelle to Jace is a HUGE no no! Barbara needs to get some Prozac ASAP!


    this grandmother pisses me off who the hell does she think she is thinking shes a better parent if she was her 16 yr old kid wouldnt have a kid sorry thats how i see it and shes freaking annoying


    I have only seen maybe three of these shows. I don't usually watch this kind of show. But when I saw Jenelles mother acting as she does I was horrified.

    I know these shows edit for the biggest bang but the constant emotional and mental abuse that Jenelle is suffering is most assuredly criminal. And it explains much of Jenelles self destructive behavior. In no way does it excuse her actions, but it does explain it.

    Jenelle needs help, not more pursecution. I think a letter writing campaign to whatever family court it is that is handling this case is in order. That court needs to know all that is going on. Otherwise, neither Jenelle nor Jace stands a chance. She will be dead or in prision and he won't be far behind.

    I stumbled in here because I was trying to find out where Janelle and her mother are located so I could write my letter. I pray that some of you will too.

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