Teen Mom 2 Custody Drama: Kailyn Lowry to Cut Off Jonathan Rivera?

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Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry may seek sole custody of her child after the arrest of Jonathan Rivera for pot last week in New Jersey. One can understand.

One can really understand in light of the additional fact that Rivera, who goes by Jo, continues to deny that he was ever arrested ... even though he was.

Rivera got popped for "being under the influence of marijuana," while his brother, who was pulled over, ended up charged with even more serious offenses.

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JO, MAMA: Will Rivera's conduct and lies cost him custody?

According to sources, Kailyn confronted Jo about the arrest and he insisted it didn't happen ... even though law enforcement sources confirmed that it did.

Typically there are records of these things, man. When you are booked in jail on a charge alongside your older brother Edward, there will be paperwork.

Kailyn and Jo currently share custody of their baby son Isaac, but after Jo's arrest, we're told Kailyn is strongly considering a move toward full custody.

Lowry says she "doesn't know what to believe" anymore. That was pretty much our reaction after we saw that pic of Amber Portwood nude. Yikes.

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Kailyn seems 2 be doin pretty d@mn good with raising issac and holding 2 jobs plus goin 2 school 2 get a education. Joe disrespected her and im glad she started dating Jordan he gave her the love and attention that she needs. I hope her and Jordan makes it and i really hope that she gets full custody of her baby bc joe dosent really care bout anything but himself. Kailyn Maci and Leah r my favorite 3 moms on the show Keep up the good work Kail and dnt let ppl get u down ur a great mom


kailyn from teenmom2 is not a hoe, she is a hard working mother who loves her baby issac. She has alwsy been there for him, and who would want to live with joe? He is ABUSIVE AND VIOLENT, toward kailyn and herbaby. Anyone that sides with a cussing, immature, violent, drug addict is well..yeah!


this guy is A JERK and his mom isn't quite the supporter of Kailyn that she wants every one to think. This is the one girl on teen mom that might have some admirable qualities.GET OUT FROM UNDER JOE'S FAMILY


Learn to spell skool no its SCHOOL.


To all those hatin on kailyn...shes young n has a beautiful baby....shes doin somethin w her life by goin to skool n wrkin...she doin evetythin.on.her own..so later she can tell her son.she support him on her own...who needs a dumb spoil loser lk jo......


Its obvious that Kailyn never intended on things to end up the way they have. She did not intend to fall for another guy who respected her and didn't put her down. I'm sure she is very thankful for what his family has done for her, but whats fresh in her mind is the way they are treating her now. I've been where she has and its clear that she was never intentionally using them because she didn't know what the future would amount to... many ppl her cannot relate and therefor make dumb comments... YOU all have no idea


I think jo is a asshole and whoever made that stupid comment about "he is mean to her but loves her is foolish" that's like saying "he beats me but he still loves me" kailyn is trying to better her life for her and issac by going to school and working two jobs, as we all see jo is always home he is a spoil brat! So what if she wants to have a life of her own and MOVE ON from jo that's her business just because she has a baby for him does not mean that she has to be with him. All he does is put her down and call her names, if yall are young ladies and agree with jo yall have serious issues with your self! I commend kailyn for trying to stand on her own two feet and trying to better her life and not depend on anyone. And the whole thing with her living with them they could have simply said NO I doubt anyway was forcing them to make her stay there they are grown people and they made that choice!


Honestly, it does look like Kailyn is trying hard to get out of a bad situation. From what is shown, Jo always puts Kailyn down and barely even helps out with his son. I don't agree with Kailyn looking for another relationship at this point in her life, but she seems to be doing a hell of a lot to be able to be strong and independent. Jo's family shouldn't make Kailyn live in their basement and get upset when she wants to live on her own for good reasons.


Kailyn needs to open her eyes and face reality. Joe's parents let her move in with them in the first place. Then she becomes pregnant while living under their roof. They support her, feed her, put a roof over her head while her own mother has her head up her *** caring about only herself and her relationship with her own boyfriend. It doesn't seem like Kailyn does too much hands on with Isaac. She is either at school, at work, out with her new boyfriend and lying about it or down in her room while Isaac is upstairs being cared for by the others. She expects to continue to live with Joe's parents because she has no place wlse to live. Show up on her own mother's doorstep and plead to be taken in. I think that she is very selfish and only thinks about what she wants. Joe is rude to her but then she is always whining to and about him. Grow up!!!


Sorry not keep jumping from relationship to relationship. She should work on her relationship with Jo because you can see he's hurt with her cheating and she could careless.

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