Teen Mom 2 Custody Drama: Kailyn Lowry to Cut Off Jonathan Rivera?

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Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry may seek sole custody of her child after the arrest of Jonathan Rivera for pot last week in New Jersey. One can understand.

One can really understand in light of the additional fact that Rivera, who goes by Jo, continues to deny that he was ever arrested ... even though he was.

Rivera got popped for "being under the influence of marijuana," while his brother, who was pulled over, ended up charged with even more serious offenses.

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JO, MAMA: Will Rivera's conduct and lies cost him custody?

According to sources, Kailyn confronted Jo about the arrest and he insisted it didn't happen ... even though law enforcement sources confirmed that it did.

Typically there are records of these things, man. When you are booked in jail on a charge alongside your older brother Edward, there will be paperwork.

Kailyn and Jo currently share custody of their baby son Isaac, but after Jo's arrest, we're told Kailyn is strongly considering a move toward full custody.

Lowry says she "doesn't know what to believe" anymore. That was pretty much our reaction after we saw that pic of Amber Portwood nude. Yikes.

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Kailyn is a dumb ass 4 staying wit Jo and thinking its OK 2 date another dude while livin wit him dat iz 2 dam disrespectful and if Jo is doing drugs and stuff he shouldn't be around baby Issac and should focus more on their baby son and how its effecting him!


truthfully i think dat bitch kailyn is dumb as hell. i mean jo may have a temper but who wouldnt dealin wit a chick like dat. weather or not jos parents only let her stay in their crib for da fact she was prego dont matta she wass a smut to b seein some other dude while she stayin der. and jo a good dad too like he take care of his son. and im not sayn drugs are bad or nuffn but it was just sme buds like get real it aint like he was smokn crack real shit tho.


Thats a bunch of crap! Both of them clearly need some kind of evaluation. Kailyn is air headed and has no spine. While Jo is a bully and picks on people that doesnt have the strengh to take up for themselves. BOTH of them use all sorts of horrible lanugage and disrespect each other IN FRONT of their son. (whom they love) Thats no way to act. Ive been there and done that whole "teen mom" thing. I understand that they are young, but the fact of the matter is , that its not about them any longer. Its about that beautiful baby boy that they have. Both of them need to grow up and find a way to work it out with out acting like children!


Jo is the biggest brat/dumb ass on this show. Just because his family took kailyn in doesnt mean he can treat her like shit! Jo is a VERY BAD father! Kailyn is a beautiful young woman who got tangled up with the wrong person! Jo litteraly pushed her in the arms of someone else, he has no excuse to get mad! She can do better and she did! Jo's parents need a freakin wake up call they're rasing a woman beater in the makin and a jail bird! NO MALE HAS ANY RIGHT TO DISRESPECT ANY FEMALE! Jo needs to grow the hell up! Kailyns mom obviosly is to stupid to notice the abuse that was goin on with her daughter. Kailyn did the right thing. TO GET UP& LEAVE. Thank u kailyn for settin the example that young girls dnt have to take abuse from a guy just because they have a kidd! JO UR DUMBASS BELONG IN JAIL!!!


you guys are dumb. She is the dumbest on the show. yea she goes to school and works but come on shes a straight up bitch , she sould focus on her baby instead of wanting dick, jo is a good father way better than anyone on the show hes got a bad attitude but atleast he takes care of his son, and jos parents took the bitch in and she disrespected them clearly, her own mom doesnt even want to take her in plzzzzzz she wants dick


Kailyn does BELONG IN A CAVE. LOL!!! Jo has a major attitude problem too! AND I could care less about Jo. But that little chick SHOULD HAVE HAD ENOUGH RESPECT FOR Mr & Mrs. Rivera. They took that little ingrate in and she shit all over them! Kail and her mother are OPPORTUNIST! Kailyn's trashbag mother should be kissing Janet's ass for taking in her kid!!!! What Janet should have done is call CPS and report KAILS mom for pretty much abandoning her KID!


I cant believe everyone on here backing Kailyn. I was a teen mom too so I know how hard situations can get but that can't be an excuse for everything. Why would anyone think it's ok to live under your baby father family's household and date someone else. Whether they're together or not it is disrespectful. She wasn't thinking about Isaac at all. If she wanted to date so bad then grow a pair and find somewhere else to go before starting a relationship. I want to know what show some of you are watching because Joe is by-far the best dad on Teen Mom.He is the only one I've seen bathing his son, spending time with him and putting him to bed even after coming home from work. He obviously works a lot and has a good job. Kail is a DUMBASS! It was clear that she was more worried about going out after work than taking care of Isaac. So Joe isn't perfect but who on there is? He acts a lot more mature than any of these other dad's. He deserves part custody.


Kailyn was disrepectful after all jo's family has done for her. Her own mother could not house her for some reason.. kailyn you are not the innocent victim here...you totally used and abused Jo's family until and are totally making them look bad on this show! Jo has the right to get mad,,,especially after no one could pay for your college and as always Jo or his family helped you out once again! you are such a effing bitch!


I think it would be best for kailyn to get sole custody of issac simply because jo has a anger problem he is always shouting and getting mad. Dont get me wrong kailyn has problems to she is a little drama queen but she is trying to make a life for herself and issac that is more than what jo is trying to do. However the baby does come first and she does need to leave the new guy alone its to early to be looking for someone, and I thaught when jo told her he wanted his family back together she said she was focused on work school and issac, so why is she talking to the new guy??


She is no innocent victim here. I believe she is trying to fool everyone who will feed into her nonsense. I commend her for going to school and working, but you all have to admit, from what is shown on TV the girl is a major pain in the A**. We all learn from our mistakes and I hope this will serve as a lesson learned for both her and Jo. m y sympathy lies with little Isaac and Jordan. Bc I think he has no clue what he is getting himself into.

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