Teen Mom 2 Custody Drama: Kailyn Lowry to Cut Off Jonathan Rivera?

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Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry may seek sole custody of her child after the arrest of Jonathan Rivera for pot last week in New Jersey. One can understand.

One can really understand in light of the additional fact that Rivera, who goes by Jo, continues to deny that he was ever arrested ... even though he was.

Rivera got popped for "being under the influence of marijuana," while his brother, who was pulled over, ended up charged with even more serious offenses.

Jonathan Rivera Mug Shot
Kailyn Lowry Pic

JO, MAMA: Will Rivera's conduct and lies cost him custody?

According to sources, Kailyn confronted Jo about the arrest and he insisted it didn't happen ... even though law enforcement sources confirmed that it did.

Typically there are records of these things, man. When you are booked in jail on a charge alongside your older brother Edward, there will be paperwork.

Kailyn and Jo currently share custody of their baby son Isaac, but after Jo's arrest, we're told Kailyn is strongly considering a move toward full custody.

Lowry says she "doesn't know what to believe" anymore. That was pretty much our reaction after we saw that pic of Amber Portwood nude. Yikes.


I figured it was only a matter of time he get nailed!! I also feel for Kailyn she has no immediate family helping her as a young mom she had no guidance as to caring for a baby . I watched the shoe from start and I always said I wish I had nerve to hunt her down give her a big hug and tell her I'd be the mom / nana she and Isaac don't have. I know some about her from my nephew whom I guess they were seeing each other which I didn't know till show started and my niece told me who she was. So Kailyn you need a mom email me I am a mom n Nana Kudos To You!!!!


Why don't you post a profile pic Dan so we can see how fugly you are?


I dont get why yall calling her names. It takes two to make a baby, and to u Dan, u can be quiet because shes not ulgy. Jo LOVES her, no matter how she look. Shes a beautiful young mom who is trying her best to provide for Issac,. Shes has her own home, lots of clothes for her and Issac, she is going to school and has a job. But, ii think that Katilyn and Jonathan,Jo, Should get bak together and leave Jordan. ITS BEST FOR ISSAC AND ITA VERY CLEAR THAT THEY LOOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEEEEE EACHOTHER.


The fact that you people think that she's wrong for wanting to keep her son away from someone that puts themselves in these dumb situations are ignorant. I wouldnt subject my son to that. I have a kid of my own and i am a teen mom and i would be damned if i had to deal with that. She's strong and i think that she should continue in the right direction. I know.its hard to make decisions about your family but if u dont make the hard decisions noyhing will get done thats why women are so strong.


Kailyn is the fugliest, most disgusting being on the planet. Idk how anybody could sleep with that p.o.s. Shes even fuglier than nikki minaj now thats fugly

@ Dan

She just attacks men! But what ever she does she thinks she's right its everybody else thats wrong she is controlling and dam ugly


I blame Kail's mom for most of the problems this girl has had. Kail's mom was responsible for looking after her daughter, not her baby's daddy's family! Kudos to Joe's family for taking her in, it's not like they legally were responsible for her. Joe's family should make him live on his own and stop carrying him as well he is a father now and needs to learn how to stand on his own two feet. Kail did disrespect Joe and his family by dating the other guy Jorden and then tried to play all dumb and innocent about it when she knew it was wrong. However, she was set up to fail by her sorry mother that put her boyfriend before her child which is her responsibility. What blows me away is how Kail's mom thought she was going to go into Joe's parent's house and show her a$$ to them when Kail moved out. What nerve did she have showing up there, she should have thanked them for taking her child in. I thought that was ridiculous and Joe's mom should have told her off.


I think that as young teen parents everyone has and does mistakes but the only person that will be there for your child is his father so i think you should talk things out with Jo and get on a agreement. Sorry that's my point of view as a parent of three wonderful kids and well I know for experience because i also had my first child young too.




Wrong is wrong and right is right!kailyn had no one but the Riveras' to help nad support her. Her own mother left her fro a man. How could you leave your child while she pregnant with a baby
They supported her financially not her mother. She is a user just like her mother. Why haven't child welfare ask kailyn mother why she abandon her child


This guy is the biggest scumbag. What a total loser. And man, does he have an unfortunate face....just like his mother. And what a big talker he is....all while he lives with mommy and daddy and works on his "rap" career. Loser. Kailyn is one tough chick to be doing all she is doing. Good job, K! Jo you have such an ugly, sour, nasty face. You're nothing but a "going nowhere" loser. And again...so UGLY.

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