Ted Williams Lands Reality Show

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This was as inevitable as the recent Kim Kardashian baby rumors...

Ted Williams has officially signed on for a reality show. The former homeless man and new milkshake promoter will star in "Second Chances at Life," a series that will follow Williams' attempt to battle substance abuse and rebuild his life.

Ted Williams Photograph

According to TMZ, via Ted's representative, the show will start filming in a couple weeks and be based in three locations: Brooklyn, Ohio and Los Angeles.

Moreover, a second season is already being planned, one that will introduce other people around the country who deserve a second chance. We wonder if Michael Vick will be included...


It's almost the end of the 2011 year, and still no sign of this man. I hope he is well and i would love to see him on his feet and in great health. Hopefully he is able to come back and let the world see his talent once more.


Today is April 22, 2011... Does anyone know what Ted williams is doing now? He looked like he had a great future and then just disappeared. I hope the best for him. It's not too often you get a second chance, especially one that pays very well.


Ted Williams has his own reality show? FOTZ. Let's also hope he goes to the dentist. Will you watch? Check it out @imeanwhat http://bit.ly/dK6Clz


Oh no!!!not another reality show.....well at least this one is probaly gonna have a moral(i guess)and probably more meaning than keeping up with the whatever!!!!

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