Ted Williams Deems Rehab a "Scripted Circus"

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The mother of golden-voiced homeless man Ted Williams has urged her son to return to rehab. But it doesn't sound like Williams plans on listening.

"My reason for leaving treatment was because it gave me a sense of it being scripted," he told 10TV News in Columbus this week. "I was doing live telephone call-ins with Dr. Phil and my girlfriend and my ex-wife and all my kids. It became somewhat of a scripted circus, and a form of anonymity was lost."

How is Williams doing since leaving the treatment facility? He tells The Early Show in the following interview that troubles with drinking are "behind me" and "I am more appreciative of life. I'm not taking it for granted."

Let's hope it remains that way.


Wait, I cannot fathom it being so stargithforawrd.


Nobody can kick those habits with just 2 weeks of rehab. After 20 years of no success, he doesn't have the drive, incentive, will power to stay off drugs and alcohol. It's a shame. But he's self-destructing of his own accord. Too many people have invested too much time on this guy. There are others who would be more appreciative of all that energy and care.


Leave it to Ted Williams to be able to come back with gusto. I will continue to route for all the best for The Williams family in their reunion. @ Hilton Hater:
Thanks for the update of Ted's story. He appears to be on his way back up, where he belongs!!


All the best to you Ted!


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