Tabloid Brazenly Claims: Angelina Jolie's Twins Have Down Syndrome!

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Look. We love celebrity gossip. It's what we do. Rumors can be just as fun to discuss as real news, even if we know they're just that - rumors.

There's a line between fun gossip and flat-out slander, however, don't you agree? To that end, Star may have just outdone itself/hit a new low.

How is that even possible? A new cover story on Angelina Jolie and her twins, Vivienne and Knox, alleging they have a serious mental disability:

Angelina's Twins: THE TRUTH

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE TWINS is not contained here at all.

Basically, the magazine makes up utter nonsense about Jolie's twins, which is to be expected. To a point. "Down Syndrome Drama" is not a laughing matter.

Few things are more depressing and sad for families than Down Syndrome, a very serious and debilitating condition. Making light of it to boost sales?

That's just low, even for you, Star.

Hopefully next week, the tabloid will return to its less-offensive roots with some ridiculousness about Jennifer Aniston carrying Brad Pitt's alien love child.


The Star Magazine is Evil ... They don't think about many Down Syndrom kids in this world feelings about


Ugh! I HATE Star magazine.


Time changed...We concntrate on making money than the truth, Proud,love ourself,disrespecting, I wonder what we say to GOD, when it's our time to leave this earth? No one think straight what JESUS say if I say,do or wright this article for the money...? We all are guilty of sin but we can ask JESUS his forgiveness and restart living his way not our way.


who cares if they do or dont. i have a gorgeous grandson with ds and wouldnt trade him for the world


Wat a hell.luv is de greatest of all.if de twins r dwn wit DS i tink de parents can take care of it cos its their cross.why write such a tin,there r way 2 litle 4 de wickered gossip.jolie-pitt i luv u n ur family n am gona be jst like u.u r my role models.hi babies.wishin u all long life,health n luv.


It is obvious that these pics were photo shopped, I looked at some of the older pics of the twins and they did not have the "Downs" look to them. This article was damning to anyone who does have Downs, as it is not a Debilitating disease!! It is a genetic disorder and EVERY Person I know that has been born with this disorder has been a very fun loving individual who is capable of holding a job, having friends, loving someone, and in some cases I know of even marrying the one they love!!!


jolie i jst luv ur kind of person.u re so carin neva mindin wat pple gonna say.luv u


so did she kill herself? somethings up


Whoever wrote this article have lower intelligence than 'Star' magazine. You think going to rehap is nothing but having down syndrome is depressing and debilitating conditino? What an ignorant insult to all the HAPPY families who has children or family with down syndrome! Open your eyes and educate yourself first before you degrading children with mental disability! (I do not have a family member with down syndrome, but I DO NOT think they are 'depressing' and 'sad')


Funny, as a member of a family who "should be sad and depressed", it's my Emma (who has Down syndrome)who cheers me the most and brightens each and every one of my days on this earth! I am privileged to have her in my life. It's more like people who wrote this article, who live in ignorance, who are clueless, and feed these misconceptions, I feel sorry for you...


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