Super 8 Movie Trailer: What the... ?!?

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Some Super Bowl XLV commercials left us inspired (see Chrysler, Eminem). Others left us moved (see Volkswagen, mini Darth Vader).

But one left us confused, intrigued and excited for the arrival of June 10: the first official trailer for Super 8.

A science-fiction movie whose premise remains unclear (it's set in 1979 Ohio and centers around an unusual discovery made by children with a video camera) what we see in the following preview is enough to prompt us to buy a ticket:

Super 8 is produced by Steven Spilberg, directed by J.J. Abrams and stars Kyle Chandler. We're in.


Dont know what its about but sure I m gonna see it.
Waiting for it to realesed.


If this is 'the first official trailer for Super 8', then the one that came out in the spring of 2010 was the, first official Pre-trailer?


I think what he's saying is a kid in 1979 is as likely to be caring around a video camera as a kid today is likely to be carrying around a $100k studio camera. Not only would the cost have been prohibitive but the size as well. Do you remember how big VHS cams were when they came out!? Imagine 20 years earlier!


@jscan: are you nit picking my word "video" with the words "motion picture" camera, which is how Wiki describes what the kids are carrying around? I stand by my synopsis of the film.


Go wiki 'super 8'! There were few adults with video cams in 1979, much less kids, never mind the prospect of carrying one around..

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