Steve Jobs Sighting: Video Shows Frail CEO

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Just a week after some Steve Jobs photos showed the Apple CEO looking gaunt and frail, a video has surfaced that casts him in a similar light.

Walking only a few steps from a cafe to his car, Jobs moved unsteadily and certainly slowly. His wife Laurenin can be seen in the video as well.

The world renowned entrepreneur took a medical leave from Apple recently and is clearly not in top shape in the video on Radar.

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The 55-year-old Jobs has sought treatment at the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, Calif., for what is believed to be a rare form of cancer.

He was previously diagnosed with cancer in his pancreas in 2004. Hopefully whatever ails him now, he's able to overcome fully and swiftly.


My sincere sympathy to the bereaved steve,i personally regrete missing sucha person but again this is a lesson to show that no matter how rich you are nobody is above death.


This is a man, the man who change the world.
I love this man


He is the the tech titan for me,..thanks for his wonderful works
and ideas people knows how to think different......


His health had definitely taken a toll on him. Looks like money isn't everything huh? Good luck!


While I absolutely hope Steve will feel better soon or get the treatment he needs to feel better, I find this situation interesting. Here's why: He feels unwell, so he takes a medical leave. This leave allows him to take a break from working while still getting paid quite a bit of money, in order to recover and gain his health back. This happens, while thousands of people working at the factories where his computers and iPods are produced are paid just a few cents and forced to work, sometimes until dropping dead from untreated health issues.


frankly, he looks a lot better than I thought. He is still walking tall, and the center didn't insist he go out on a wheelchair, which is a good sign. His two slightly woozy steps are not at all unexpected... anyone would walk a bit off ( only 2 steps ) if they just had treatement, then walked out into the bright sunlight !


Goes to show you no matter how rich you one is safe from sickness. People may hate him & his company...but at the end of the day he is a sick man. I wish him nothing but the best!