Steve Jobs Photos Leaked: Apple CEO Seeking Radical Cancer Treatment?

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Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs took medical leave from the company about a month ago. He has not disclosed why, but speculation has run rampant since.

Reports circulated this week that Jobs is seeking radical treatment for cancer at the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, Calif. Then these Steve Jobs pics leaked.

If it's really him. That is unclear. The National Enquirer claims it is (yeah, we know, but remember Rielle Hunter) and that Jobs has "six weeks to live" ...

Steve Jobs Treatment Pics

Is this really Steve Jobs - and is his condition dire?

The pictures of a "skeletal-looking" Steve, who was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer, an islet cell neuroendocrine tumor, in 2004, are upsetting.

Radar Online did confirm, or claims to have confirmed that he is seeking cancer treatment. Regardless, he should keep up as many Apple duties as he is able.

"I will continue as CEO and be involved in strategic decisions," he said before stepping down. Whether this is him or not, we wish Jobs a speedy recovery.

In other news, Jobs will attend a meeting with President Obama today along with chief executives from Google and Facebook, so he's still hanging tough.


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He is an hero. i would die to take his place. innovator of technology will be pray. �


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Steve, we need you to make innovation happen. Get well soon.


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Steve Jobs is an inspirational person and he is my role model. Joe Blow Watch your mouth! Watch your tongue! Garbage mouth.
Bless Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs is one of the greatest Americans ever! Hope he makes a full recovery!


I hope Steve gets well soon. I think the world is a better place with him in it, regardless of what haters have to say about him. When someone is sick, we should wish them well.


Steve Jobs is a dick. This couldn't have happened to a better person.