Spencer Pratt to Andy Cohen: You Jackhole!

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Spencer Pratt is apparently livid with Bravo's Andy Cohen for his verbal tirade against Heidi Montag, who he wasn't exactly kind to over the weekend.

Cohen referred to Heidi as "trash" and said he'd rather stab himself than see her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after she expressed interest.

"That trash is delusional and I would sooner stab ... knives into my eyes than see her on this network," he said, calling her the "Jackhole of the week."

Pissed Off Pratt

JACKHOLE! Spencer has issues with Andy. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Never one to miss an opening, Spencer was stunned by the hurtful comments about his wife, telling Radar Online, "Andy is clearly the Jackhole."

"You think you're special because you have your little talk show that's hurting in ratings doesn't give you special authority to bash a young girl."

"Maybe you have issues with women," added The Hills alum. "It's clear you you don't respect your talented housewives, always mocking them."

Spencer fails to mention, of course, that he and Heidi opened up this can of worms by lobbying for a spot on the second season cast of RHOBH.

Still, he is undeterred in feigning faux disgust with Cohen and Bravo.

"If he had such a problem with my wife, why didn't he say something to our faces when we met his arrogant self in NYC. He is not an individual."

"He represents a network and as much as I used to love watching shows on Bravo, after this, I will never again watch another Bravo series."

Sure, Spencer. Keep talking, man.


people might think they're pathetic but they're the ones who are worth millions!!


Bash a young girl?!? Hah!! Heidi is a pathetic, useless piece of sh*t. Those two are so desperate to be in the public eye that it's actually really sad, not even funny anymore. Aww. I feel really bad for these two talentless, trashy ass-clowns. Get jobs you disgusting losers. You both deserve to be broke and ostracised for the rest of your pathetic lives. Nobody likes you guys, everybody hates you guys and prays that you'd just go away for good.


don't like the hills or and of it's stars, but don't care either. i just wanted to do something immature...... Andy cunt-ho is the drunk cum bucket of the gay world. who gives a shit what this asshole thinks about anybody ! the term jackhole is also how it got a job with bravo in the first place, the execs jacked into his waiting hole ! it's not who you know it's how many Andy will blow !


O plz I can't believe heidi allowed spencer 2 brainwash her! I can't belive she is still with spencer!..she left lauren! Plz!!..as 4 spencer ..a lost man who likes attention nd needs help!!


I'm sure Andy is shaking in his flip flops because Speidi is angry. I question whether or not Spencer is even working with a full deck. Being around him is definitely causing Heidi to appear just as crazy and weak. I can't even look at poor Heidi a few times a year, let alone weekly. On the other hand, I do have to avert my eyes when looking at half of the RHOBH cast, too.

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