Spencer Grammer and James Hesketh: Married!

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Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh were at City Hall for a wedding today.

Even though his divorce from Camille Grammer cleared the way for their nuptials, they weren't the ones getting married, however. Kelsey's daughter was!

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

Spencer Grammer, 27, wed James Hesketh in New York City Friday, the actor's rep confirms, along with the fact that Kelsey and Kayte were in attendance.

Spencer Grammer and James Hesketh, Kelsey's new son-in-law!

The daughter of Kelsey and his first wife Doreen Alderman, Spencer stars on the ABC Family series Greek. She has two half-sisters and one half-brother.

Kelsey, 55, plays to marry Walsh, 29, this month, also in New York.


Pity the poor girl!!!


Uggghhh - this poor girl couldn't even have a proper wedding bc she knew it would turn into a circus freakshow. And all bc of her father. Her father, Kelsey Grammer, is an insane narcissist perv who robbed the cradle big time. His 29 year old daughter-wife is a goldigger with daddy issues. How gross and creepy must it be for Spencer to have a "Stepmother" who is almost your same age?! Plus Kelsey has all these kids so poor Spencer has all of these half brothers and sisters from another woman. And Kelsey has a really bad relationship with Spencer's mother Doreen and also with his ex-wife Camille. They also asked her if he has given her any advise of parenthood and marriage (what an IRONIC question) and Spencer said he's busy with his own life and issues. What a poor excuse for a man, father, and husband.


Here in Kenya,Africa we love and jeepers-I mean luuuv Casey Cartwright but mostly Spencer Grammer.Congrats-it's a big step forward and hey aint U a beauty.So charming and...tata.


When I heard that Kelsey Grammar had a daughter that was in Greek I immediately thought, "I bet it's the blonde!" And I was right!!!! Congrats to Spencer and James!!

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