Sources: Halle Berry Raged Over Kim Kardashian, Sent Scathing Messages to Gabriel Aubry

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Might a tabloid have gotten it right for once?

Late last year, reports surfaced that said Halle Berry had a major problem with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry dating Kim Kardashian, especially considering how the two weren't shy about appearing in public together.

Now - as Berry and Aubry exchange insults and prepare to battle for custody of daughter Nahla - a source tells People that Gabriel's fling with Kardashian really was an issue for the Oscar winner.

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Hot and Angry?

"Halle was upset at the idea of someone like that being in her daughter's life," the insider said of Kardashian. "She was very aggravated... She just didn't want Nahla exposed to the cameras that are undoubtedly around a reality star."

How did Berry express her anger?

According to a Radar Online source, she sent Gabriel numerous emails since their split, one of which allegedly read: "You were only good for one thing... Thanks for the donation."


Of course, that's nothing compared to what Aubry is accused of saying to Berry. The entire feud grows more depressing by the day, especially when one considers there's a toddler stuck in the middle of it.

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You're obviously a damn idiot. Halle didn't use him to "get what she wanted". She obviously loved the man. She's said before that they were meant to bring that little girl into the world. What she's saying now is that he's pretty much worthless, and the only good thing that came out of their relationship was their daughter. And he's obviously a dick if he's going to throw racial slurs at her. If he's going to say shit like that to Halle, he might as well be saying the same thing about their daughter. And there's a difference between making a sex tape to become famous and doing a sex scene in a movie. Halle was playing a part, and Kim is another talentless slut who doesn't deserve to be famous. The only person whose reputation is hurt is his.


I think something must be wrong with Halle. Why can't she keep a man? First guy beat her & made her deaf in 1 ear, David Justice supposedly slapped & verbally abused her, next husband was a "sex addict" who constantly cheated now this guy is being abusive too? Either she has the worst luck or bad taste in men, but I would think she has issues too.


I completely side with Halle on the whole Kim thing. I would not want my child followed around by crazy photographers who will do anything to get a picture. What is so wrong with a mother protecting her child?

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