Source: Dianna Agron Dumped Alex Pettyfer Over Racy Photos

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How does a couple fend engagement rumors one week and announce their split the next? Such is the question fans have about Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer.

But TMZ now claims to have the answer: a source tells that website the Glee actress was steamed over a racy Tyler Shields photo shoot involving Pettyfer, Lydia Hearst and Leven Rambin. The only problem with this break-up basis?

Alex Pettyfer Pics

While the pictures were released a couple weeks ago, Pettyfer posed for them months before he even started dating Agron. Still, they are pretty darn hot.

Might he have kept news of their existence from Agron, fueling her anger once they actually hit the Internet? We have no idea. But one thing is certain: Hearst and Rambin are awesome!


If they were took before they met, then whats the problem???


What was Diana expecting out of Alex? A commitment? Dude, Alex is only 20. Let the man have some fun. He's still young. Diana should have found someone older in the first place.


lol emma roberts all over again. pettyfer's team making him look like the victim again. get over it alex. he's a huge douche and a jerk..most logical reason girls will break up with him. advice to all the girls in hollywood: don't associate yourself to this guy.
dianna shouldn't have dated him. i hope she learned her lesson. good thing she's smart enough to break up with him quickly..sadly their relationship comes out looking like a fauxmance.

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