Shauna Sand Music Video: Actually Not a Sex Tape!

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Shauna Sand has a music video out for reasons unknown. It's not a sex tape, though you'd be forgiven if you assumed "Everybody Wants to Be a Porn Star" was.

The video, for which we have no explanation and scant few details, was shot recently in L.A. It also features Anna Garcia, a former Playboy model from England.

Bottom line? If you want raw XXX action, try Tila Tequila Uncorked. If you want more cringe-inducing awesome music, listen to Spencer Pratt singing and rapping.

If you want something in between, featuring Lorenzo Lamas' ex ... you may want to consider getting out more. But we'll oblige you just the same right here ...


EEWWW who cares if it's a music vid or a sex vid, she shouldn't be in either!! Past her prime long time ago!
To Prince: Not sure if I agree with you. Love is not sex. I love my family, it doedn't mean I want to fuck them. No cousin fuckin here! LOL


she's a little past her prime to be starting a music career. If she had talent that would be one thing, but talentless singers that make it have to be young.


love is sex


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Shauna Sand is an alleged actress and one-time Playboy model. She used to be married to Lorenzo Lamas, which means she was Shayne Lamas'... More »
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