Scotty McCreery Hopes You Dance, Forgets the Lyrics

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Scotty McCreery added his own unique stylings to Lee Ann Woman's "I Hope You Dance" last night.

No, we aren't talking about this American Idol hopeful's baritone of a voice. We're referring to the made-up verses he uttered as the country singer forgot the lyrics on stage.

Nuts of wonder? Zoo zoo talk??? Perhaps the judges passed Scotty on to the round of 60 jut for making them laugh. Or because he wasn't alone. Ta-Tynisa Wilson messed up the same song. Watch both on action below and don't feel too badly for them: McCreery and Wilson both advanced.




Why do the judges dis Scotty I Love him I think about him every day.Yall need to stop messin with him. He is great so just dont bother him.U should like him he is great.If yall dont like him u crazy and never ever talk to me.cuz u a shco.


Scotty is a great singer u should not judge him or else besides that point I love Scotty I am his number 1 fan


Just goes to show he was that good even though he forgot the words! His voice is just Heart Melting!!! & he does Awesome every time! so dont hate on the best! Hes doin somethin Right obviously!:)


Nuts...of wonder? wtf??? He's gonna have to explain himself on that one.


It was hilarious to see them make up the lyrics but glad that he went through.


Scotty,you've got a great voice & range.You can do it. Do not be afraid. I hope you dance was a great song & you sounded great. Come on now. I forget the words but I'm 61 kid. Come on kid get with it.


I hate it how the judges always say at the beginning that, "if any of you forget the words, you're done" 'coz obviously that doesn't happen all the time. Talk about favoritism and how they would usually get saved come 'I-forgot-the-lyrics' moments..... Awwwwww :/

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