Rosie O'Donnell Sort of Defends Billy Ray Cyrus

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Billy Ray Cyrus may have come out and directly blamed his daughter's involvement in show business for recent troubles, but Rosie O'Donnell doesn't think he meant it.

Asked about the country singer's rant to GQ this month, in which he said Hannah Montana "destroyed my family," Rosie told Access Hollywood that Cyrus was just being a concerned parent.

Miley Looks Lost
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“I think he’s doing what a lot of us are doing that have teenagers, including me, [saying], ‘What the hell is going on here? I thought I was in control of this place and now the kids are acting out. The animals are ruining the zoo!’”

Does O'Donnell think Hollywood is responsible for Miley's behavior? No. It's just a teenager acting like a teenager.

“A 16 or 18-year-old girl is going to separate from the parents no matter what. They’re going to smoke some salvia... they’re going to drink some beer. This is what happens when kids are 18 and they’re trying to separate."


The spelling on these comments is TERRIBLE!!!! Are you all still in middle school???


miley had a gud show but it's kind of gay now don't you think?whell i don't know alot about miley but peaple say she was called smily miley. her dad came up with that you know?


ya i are with some1.that hanna mantanna thing rouend her life.her dad should not have done that.but im glad he rouned her reputation.HAHAHA!


miley is a kid she iz not in dat age dat she could take her decisions so billy u should hold a private family meeting n let her talk her points.......u can see wat is gud n wat iz bad for her....


miley;gud girl but she is not in dat age to take her decisions so i think billy must understand so raise sum limitations........!


exactly....shes acting like any other normal teenager around the world, only she got 100x more attention. shes not the only one she just let her be before she take it to a further extend


lets not blaim the show it self lets blaim disney, for trying to make them kids act as if there 12 or 13 when there really grown ass women/men. they play this as a role for their shows/fans and trying to hold that spot for the fans is a problem it brings your self esteem down bc your trying to be perfect for disney. look at britney spears she had young fans and now that she is growing up and had kids the public eye couldnt accept it. their teens. teens are going expierence its what we do and what we did, im pretty sure i future generation too.


Wow... Smoking salvia... Waaw bravo Miley that's the way to teach little fens what to do.. she maybe 18 years old... but that is bad exaple for the little kids who love her! Beleve me I past all this shits... Smoking Joint,Salvia use ampfetamins,pills and shit like that... beleve me they can make you happy only for vew ours... then you are back in to the ground were is real life! I stop that shits becourse I understand there is no point! It will be good idea if she stop this shits! Thats tha way she reduce her problems! I am right or not?


She is gonna have one of those ugly fat round faces.


@blaize Same Here

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