Rihanna's "S&M" Music Video: Watch, React Now!

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I may be bad, but I'm very, very good at it.

The music video for Rihanna's new song, "S&M," certainly lives up to that boast. Guys are chained, whipped, gagged and by all accounts dominated by the singer in various stages of undress. Tune is pretty catchy, too!

Take a look at it below and tell us what you think:

What do you think of Rihanna's new video?


This video, song is suppose to be like a parody for labels lol. Its a Fuck you to labels is what it is. Shes giving the people freedom, and don't take it offensively just because you know you really want rhianna to whip you and chain you up LOL. Haters, don't watch it den, and don't comment, drama only begins from the ones who present it.


Just wanted to point out to the author that they got the lyrics at the top wrong. It's "I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it." Not "very very good at it."


I think this video is way way way to over the top!!!
Gags in mouths, sucking bananas?? She might aswell have posted her own porn film all over the internet. I used to like her but now I think she is nothing more than cheap. Why make a video like that?
People children will see that, and children should not even hear the phrase 's and m' let alone see what it is about!!
She is a disgusting role model and if I were given tickets to her show I would burn them. No wonder girls nowadays are so slaggy. Well dine rhirhi
much prefered her sos days


this is exactly what the music vid is about u dumb asses that crit bout shit every time she's just making a point. she's being brave enough to come out and say how she feels and what a lot of other celebs are feeling and cant express.I bet your favs wouldna done a better job and i bet gaga would applaud at this great art work go RiRi you do it biig! she's gettin the reaction she knew she would get u know what she like it like it!


its hot but a little weird....she could have done better


How cheap looking! What was the budget for this crap? $100? This sucks!!!!!


I kinda like it but not really....


this is tacky pish. Her team are trying too hard because Gaga has steamrollered her. If you don't have talent you don't have it (watch the vid) .


I believe it is a really really bizarre metaphor for the way the media people treat celebs these days... She seems to be angry at them!


It seems to me that ever since the CB thing, she has done some weird things to proove that she is tough or something. Like her new tattoos, new hair styles and songs like this that don't make sense!! What is she trying to proove to the world and maybe herself?


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