Rihanna-Ciara Beef Begins With Fashion Police Crack, Escalates on Twitter

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You really gotta love Twitter. Celebrity feuds begin suddenly over nothing and spiral out of control for all to enjoy so efficiently in this high-tech day and age.

Today's star-studded social media beef: Ciara and Rihanna!

Dining Out, Solo

On Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police last night, the host was discussing with Ciara some absurd outfit Rihanna had worn (take your pick). That's when Ciara said:

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"I ran into her recently at a party and she wasn’t the nicest, and it’s crazy because I’ve always respected what she’s done with fashion and I’ve ran into her before, but this time it just wasn’t the most pleasant run-in, so ..."

That thought was completed by Rivers: "…a bitch. Next!"

No sooner had the show aired, Rihanna took to her Twitter page, fuming about the remarks, writing: "My bad ci, did I 4get to tip u? #howrudeofme."

It only got better from there ...

Not even an hour later, Ciara hit right back: “Trust me Rhianna u dont want to see me on or off the stage“ (notice the misspelt name….ouch).

Rihanna: “U gangsta huh? Haaa. Good luck with bookin that stage u speak of.“

Maybe because C didn't write back, Ri felt bad, offering the following olive branch Tweet a bit later: "Ciara baby, I love u girl! U hurt my feelings real bad on TV! I’m heartbroken! That’s y I retaliated this way! So sorry! #letsmakeup."

Ah, Twitter feuds. They start fast, but they also conclude promptly.

As the saying goes, sticks, stones and Chris Brown can break your bones and maybe even knock you unconscious, but Twitter trash talk is fleeting.


team rihanna


omg wat happened to rihanna, she changed sooo much! i used to love her b4 da whole chris brown thang happened, she was sexy tho not over the top like not, and she was stylish too. Now its all jus all bout sex in her music/videos, it sucks.. and i can tell the fame is gettin to her now. she was a sweet girl when i seen her interviews and now... dam. ciara wasnt sayin anythin offensive honestly. reactin dis way, its so fukin rude man! o well. it always ends up this way with the celebs....


I love riri nd i love ciara too. I lik th fact dat riri dusnt tke sht frm ppl but ciara ws jus commentn wut sh thot ws ryte nd i dnt thnk riri shud cre tht mch ..threz so many people tht twk trash bwt rihanna nd g0od thngs at th sme tym as wel, so i dnt thnk sh shud be bothrd wat ciara sayd bwt hr, its jus wrds dat u hear fr a sec n it vanishes dnt wry be hapi tke it eazi on yurself . U cnt b provng ppl wrng al th tme u jus gatta lt go n lt flow. Riri du wat u du bst n Make GREAT musics


Rihanna is so hot! Screw all the haters! Shes so beautiful


I think Ciara was right on the money with this comment...just because your a celebrity doesn't give you the right to act like a bitch...we all know it's very believing that Rihanna is a bitch...Rihanna shouldn't have commented in that way because it's apparent that Ciara likes her and it's a wake up call that she probably need to hear and Ciara could have took it there with rihanna if she wanted to because I play dirty I wld have said somewhere around the lines of you don't want to see me on or off stage because chris brown didn't show u an ass whooping but I will...just kidding but forreal Rihanna waa wrong and I don't think ri wants to see Ciara cuz we all know ri isn't a great performer and I'd go see a Ciara performance over ri any day and I'm a fan of both


First of all, I believe a Ciara was only giving her OPINION(which I agree with). Just because you're a "celeb", it does not mean everything you wear is good looking/well put together/well fitted/etc. As for Rihanna, that apology was so sarcastic/fake to me. This could be a publicity stunt, but if not, all this could have been handled differently.


Wow. Honestly. I'm sorry, I love Rihanna, but joking or not.. you could totally see the ego come out with those remarks and comments. Ouch!


This is a joke right? I'm sure this did not really happen.


well i think that the whole thing is stupid why would ciara go on tv and talk a bunch of trash about Ri Ri for ? That is just not rightis she mad or something i don't think rihanna didnt mean whatever she did was not personal at all so i think ciara and rihanna should do their own thing and if they are friends that is cool but don't ever talk about anyone it hurts people feelings .

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