Ray J on Kim Kardashian, Cocktail: My Creations!

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Kim Kardashian earned millions of dollars in 2010, but she is yet to thank the one man that made it all possible: Ray J.

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    Yes lady leo mybe just what ray looking for in a women and rays best kepp secret and you dont no my real name yet but just wait


    Dont worry ray and kim get them dollers atleast you set the record straight about hollywood i keep it real dont i well thats a leo kim thanks for exposeing hollywood


    Latavia and kim and ray keep speaking the truth get your money beyonce good but jayz my just give us a nice sex tape that explans why solonge pop out one so young i love solonge she real then her big sis


    Latavia got stress and be shit took off pop music say what r&b is the shit and b knew just what she was doing her and her dad expose high price paid hoe its comeing out now but in kims case she made history latavia expose her i am sorry you gotta make a liveing for your self its good to you dont drinks as much hope to here your music


    My ways are real great job kim aint and ray j yall were wonderful aint nobody say nothing when latavia expose beyonce for fucking so young latavia went down behinde her never let you bff down thats dirty but be its comeing and you will be expose keri hilson no all about it and latavia r they just might end your carreroops did i spoil it


    Damn yall act like people dont get exposed kims a pretty girls the tape was made private but some how got out she knew she was being tape that goes to show how some of them women in hollywood really get down and kim expose it ray my homie he my have help her a lil bit but she came from money she just got more poppular i say its the past aint nobody say nothing on beyonce behalf when latavia let her have saying she money hungry and she was a high price paid hoe and latavia got stress when because kick her to the left so she expose b great job kim real love comeing


    U can't argue with the dude he is right. If he hadnt ripped Kims a$$ to shreads on camera and peed all over her she would still be sucking d!ck trying to make a name for herself. Lol Kims face was priceless when Ray was ramming her a$$ - she was in pain loooolll


    Lmaoo at "aspiring hip-hop star" havent ray j been singing for like ten yrs now smh if u not a hiphop star now u not gonna b lol


    um hes got something going for him too. Did anybody else see that thang fold out of his pants? Danm Ray-J!


    I agree get this spam shit away!! So annoying for sure!!
    And R jay is right! He fucked Kim in the ass and now her ass is famous!! Damn is that all it takes???

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