Pepsi Max Super Bowl Ads: Hit or Miss?

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Pepsi Max ran some ... interesting Super Bowl commercials last night. All the taste, no calories ... part humor. Some of the spots were better than others.

While some ads went for a star-studded smash (see Best Buy, Bieber) or just to get their names out there, Pepsi Max opted for these standard, slapstick gags.

Whether they're hit or miss - and we don't mean that runner getting hit in the head with a can of the stuff - depends on which spot, and your sense of humor:


Ummm they all sucked equally!!


@BONER always get a way of making something funny to hilarious:)


The one with the man and the woman sitting at the table - yet another wonderful super bowl ad that I had to explain to my 3 kids. Thanks Pepsi - you stink!


The ad with the runner being hit by the can would have been priceless if they had used Kardashian as the runner.