Parents Call Out Lea Michele for "Sending Wrong Message"

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For the second time in a few months, Lea Michele has come under fire for posing in a national magazine.

In October, the actress and a couple Glee co-stars posed provocatively in GQ, a spread that caused such uproar the PTC (ridiculously) compared it to child pornography.

Now, Michele appears on the cover of Cosmopolitan in a dress that - gasp!!! - doesn't cover every inch of her torso.

Lea Michele  on Cosmo Cover

In response, a few critics have turned to Fox News and expressed disappointment in Michele and the publication.

“I think Lea Michele is sending the wrong message. She plays such a ‘good girl’ on Glee and a lot of kids look up to her persona. Then, she poses very provocatively on two magazine covers, which makes my almost-13-year-old son very confused and offended,” said Kim Trefcer.

Adds Suzette Valle, a mother of two, who writes a blog titled Mamarazzi Knows Best:

“It’s irresponsible to be using an adult who represents a minor dressed in provocative clothes. I think Cosmo is now taking advantage of the raucous GQ caused with their Glee cover and hoping to cash in on the press that got.”

Study the cover shot above and chime in: Do you find it inappropriate?

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I agree with V. The GQ shoot was slightly inappropriate given that she was in a high school scene barely dressed. But the Cosmo cover is completely different. She's a grown woman. PTC seriously needs to focus their energy on getting that disgusting show Skins off the air. That show is a disgrace to teens. I would really like to meet the dumb ass who said that show correctly portrays teenage life. Give me a fucking break.


@keith, actually last time she cruised the lolly and pigtails people shit bricks! LOL


To VampFreak101 AMEN to That...just because she plays a sixteen year old on TV doesn't mean she acts like she's sixteen in real life...and true they need to do SOMETHING about looks irritating


People, she’s 24, not a minor! As previously stated, she cannot be expected to be the role she portrays. Has society forgotten what acting means? Whether the 13-year-old boy is offended and confused (which does not automatically make him gay) or intrigued and aroused (it's natural attraction) by the image, it’s reality. He’s a teenager, and no matter how much parents try to shelter him, his friends are going to expose him to it. Parents need to get a grip on reality, because they have obviously forgotten the difference between a real person and a character.


Why don't these parents shut up. Lea Michele is playing a part. Just because she is playing a high school student does not means she needs to be in pig tails and carrying a lolly pop. Shes an actress! Its the parents job to set the rules for their kids.


The woman's 13 year old son may be confused but he is NOT offended. Believe me, his nether regions are saying 'thank you're. Poor kid, his mom gives her name to the press. He is going to be tormented at school.


Who the hell do these PTC people think they are? Do they really think they not only have the right to try to dictate what is allowed on TV but also what the ADULT actors may do off the set? I suggest that if their kids can't understand what an actor is or what fiction on TV is these parents need to turn off the tube and pay more attention to their own lives than that of fictional people. They are so wrong here!! Don't tell other adults what to do people,just concentrate on you. You can decide to turn off the TV anytime. Besides, what 13 yr old reads Cosmo?


I think these people should focus more on their parenting skills than on what celebrities are wearing. Oh no, Lea Michelle portrays a teenager... so she should dress and act like a teenager in real life? Please. And for the mother who says her son was offended for seeing her in Cosmo... there's something wrong with that picture.


I don't have a problem with the Cosmo cover. She's an adult, and she's posing as an adult. The GQ thing was different. She was dressed as a teenager, much like the teenager that she plays on TV, and she was using that underage character to titillate and appeal to a particular inappropriate fantasy.


@jarjar blilnk
haha.....hey....i think your right:)

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