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So much for Charlie Sheen actively seeking help.

This troubled star won't check in to any rehab facility for any extended period of time, as reliable sources confirm that professionals will actually be coming to him instead. Yes, Sheen will undergo treatment in the same house that hosted the party which landed him in the hospital last week.

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"Charlie has put together a team that he trusts to help get him sober once and for all," says Two and a Half Men producer Mark Burg.

What are the odds this team's average measurement is 36/24/36?

The hit CBS sitcom will "work around Charlie's sobriety schedule," Burg says, a hiatus that could cost employees thousands. New episodes will air on February 7 and February 14... and who knows after that.

"Everybody hopes his recovery is quick and new episodes are back on the air as soon as possible," concludes Burg.

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