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Halle Berry and Natalie Portman belong to an exclusive club.

No, we aren't referring to Best Actress winners, although Portman did take home that trophy at last night's Academy Awards and Berry did the same in 2001.

But those honors are nothing compared to the inclusion of these beauties in a THG Fashion Face-Off. Below, we've posted photos of both Halle and Natalie on the red carpet. Whose dress do you prefer? Who pulled off her look better?

Don't be afraid to vote, people. Berry is likely just happy we're talking about something other than her custody battle...

Fashion Face-Off!

It's a match-up of Best Actress winners! Compare the looks of Halle Berry and Natalie Portman in this THG Fashion Face-Off. View Poll »

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And the Oscar goes to ...

The King's Speech. Other films too, of course, but it was a royal victory for the picture about King George VI, which won Best Picture, and Best Actor Colin Firth.

Rooney Mara at the Oscars

Director Tom Hooper and Screenplay writer David Seidler also triumphed for the film. Natalie Portman, as the troubled dancer in Black Swan, won Best Actress.

The four big winners at the 2011 Oscars.

"This is insane," she said in her acceptance speech. "I truly, sincerely wish the prize tonight was to work with my fellow nominees. I am in such awe of you."

The Fighter's Melissa Leo and Christian Bale won Supporting Actress and Actor. The technical awards were monopolized by Inception and Alice in Wonderland.

Were you happy with how the Oscars turned out? Did anyone get snubbed? Follow the jump for the full list of winners at the 2011 Academy Awards ...

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Charlie Sheen admits in a new interview with ABC's 20/20, which will air Tuesday and will be teased on GMA tomorrow, that he is SO high on a drug.

You know that drug as Charlie Sheen.

The actor, who went OFF on his boss last week after CBS shut down production on Two and a Half Men, wants to share his side of the story. Again.

"I have one speed. I have one gear. Go!" says Sheen, who will not accept defeat (at what, no one knows) to ABC. "I dare you to keep up with me."

Andrea Canning, who visited Sheen and his goddesses, Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly at his home this weekend, even learned what he's high on:

"I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen."

The actor entered an "at home rehab program" after an epic bender last month and is currently feuding with the producers of his hit CBS show.

Why is he speaking out, seemingly every day? "There's wrongs to be righted and stories to tell," he says. "People need to hear my side of it."

"Need" is a strong word. But we do enjoy it.

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In a recent interview, Kate Gosselin said she will never say a bad word publicly about her ex Jon, as he will always be the father of her children.

That doesn't mean she'll get back together with him, however.

A deluge of recent celebrity gossip reports have suggested Kate and Jon Gosselin, who have been on much better terms lately, might reconcile.

Not the case, says a source close to Kate.

  • Gosselin Style
  • Dancer with Stars

"There is absolutely no chance of a reconciliation. They remain civil for the sake of the kids, but that's it," said the insider. "It's frustrating for Kate that people keep making stories up. Things are better but they have both moved on."

Jon has been dating Ellen Ross for the better part of a year and seems quite content living a normal life, working 9-to-5 installing solar panels.

As for Kate, she's single and has no qualms about it.

"Kate wants nothing more than to be seen in a completely different light than Jon is viewed," says the source. "Obviously he is the father of her children and that won't change, but she is feeling very happy about her decisions and situation."

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Looking remarkably fresh-faced and lucid, Lindsay Lohan was seen at Kari Feinstein's Academy Awards Style Lounge at Montage Beverly Hills yesterday.

Bad news: She may not be attending these types of events for awhile, as chances are she'll go to jail after accepting a plea bargain for grand theft.

We Can See Her Nipples

Good news: The stuff at this particular event was free, meaning there won't be a "misunderstanding" when she makes a break with armloads of it ...

Lindsay Lohan: So pretty. So felonious.

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Lil Wayne was swarmed by DEA agents at Opa-Loca Airport in Miami, but in a more surprising twist than learning he is not the father of a child, he was released.

The rapper was stopped and searched by federal agents after he got off his plane last week. Multiple agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency were involved.

Lil Wayne in Concert Pic

Officials performed a contraband search on Lil, who's currently on felony probation stemming from incidents involving drugs and guns. Nothing was found!

PHEW: The agents let the rapper go on his way without incident.

It's unclear if they had a reason to search him, or if they even need one (in other words, is the fact that he's on probation sufficient cause any time they wish).

In any case, he may make it rain at the strip club and he may destroy your a$$ at Uno, but Weezy's been clean and sober as can be since getting out of jail.

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What sequel was named the worst thing to happen to Hollywood in 2010? Which Twilight Saga star is considered a trainwreck of an actor?

As has become an annual tradition, the Razzie Awards handed out hardware to the very worst from the year in cinema last night, 24 hours prior to the Oscars doing the opposite. And the "winners" were...

Ashton Kutcher/Killers and Valentine's Day

The Four “Gal Pals”/Sex and the City 2

Jessica Alba /The Killer Inside Me, Little Fockers, Machete and Valentine's Day

Jackson Rathbone/The Last Airbender, Eclipse

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Shawntel Newton is sad.

She harbors no hard feelings about being eliminated last week on The Bachelor, but she was devastated just the same. She even uses the l-word to describe it.

Here's what Shawntel had to say about taking Brad Womack to her unusual workplace, the tension with her family, who she thinks will win and more ...

Shawntel Newton

On taking Brad to work: "I thought I might as well lay my cards out on the table. This is my job. This is what I grew up around and if he wants to get down on his knee and propose, he should see what I do. It's the final test almost."

On her family's concerns: "I always thought that I would stay in Chico and take over the business. It was a shock to my family. Everything came at them at once – me saying I'm in love, I might be leaving this lifestyle in Chico, moving."

"I was falling in love so I was willing to move."

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Despite his recent spewing of irrational insults and egocentric ranting, Charlie Sheen may still have many fans out there. But not many of them reside in Hollywood.

Following the sitcom star's most recent meltdown, a slew of stars have taken to Twitter to voice their opinion on them. Among their views:

Sarah Silverman: "If I hung out w 20 year old porn stars all the time time I'd think I was a genius too."

Zooey Deschanel: "MYSTERY SOLVED: now we know who the "half a man" is in "two and a half men."...HINT: it's not the kid!!!!"

Giuliana Rancic: "How crazy is that Charlie Sheen rant? Have u noticed he loves saying 'winning?'"

Denis Leary: "Is it just me or is Charlie Sheen starting to sound a lot like Moammar Kaddafi?"

Sheen does have one celebrity on his side, though. Asks CNN host Piers Morgan: "Is it just me that thinks Charlie Sheen be allowed to behave how the hell he likes in his own time?

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According to tabloid reports, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Basket have split. Their marriage is over.

But who cares about that? This large-breasted blonde has lost 10 pounds! In just two weeks!

Kendra is doing her best impression of Kim Kardashian these days, as OK! marks her third straight week on a magazine cover. This time, she's spewing more nonsense about weight loss.

Kendra Wilkinson Weight Loss

“I always thought I needed to be on some specific diet,” says. “But I’ve noticed that it’s all about where you are and what you’re doing in life... If I want to eat junk food, I go the gym. If I’m taking a break from working out so hard, I eat more salad.”

We've also learned that Kendra will definitely appear on Dancing with the Stars this season. The only question: how will they introduce her?

As the ex-lover of Hugh Hefner? As the wife of a Super Bowl goat? As someone who will do and say anything for fame and fortune? Tune in. Find out!

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