OMG: Justin Bieber Goes Bald!

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Would the girls still swoon over Justin Bieber without Justin Bieber's signature haircut? Jimmy Kimmel decided to find out last night on his ABC talk show.

When the host threw the idea out there, the star was surprisingly receptive. After they returned from a commercial break, the air fell out of the room.

Justin Bieber displayed a completely shaved, bald head:

"I like it," Kimmel said, admiring his handiwork. "You look like a young Lex Luthor!" Bieber concurred after a moment, "I kind of like it, too."

But was it real or just a funny prank the two pulled on the audience (with an assist from Diddy)? Follow the jump for his full interview and see:

Sorry, Beliebers, for trying to pull one over on you. But you can breathe a sigh of relief: it turns out it was all just a stunt, courtesy of a bald wig.

You have to admit, though, that whole interview was pretty great. The Bieb is a good sport if nothing else, and he raised a valid point in there.

If he were bald, you'd just have to focus on his voice. We imagine a few of hims 7 million Twitter fans could live with that. Besides, it grows back.

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-.- look justin bieber is nothing but a spoiled kid who thinks he can have everything ... like doing a movie of his life when he is only 16 !?!?!? what the fuck he is gonna talk about ?? his 1st pubic hair ??? Do you really thought that he would cut his hair off ?? like it makes no difrence, his hair is just a marketing strategy for his lack of singng skills ...


ohhhh noooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!! where`s ur hair ~ god ~~ :(


@#1 bieber fan lol bitch shut up .


plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss never shave your head i beg you if you do you would look like an orangotan


To all you haters of Justin Bieber: if you hate justin bieber then why do u know his songs why do u even watch his videos huh? that proves you like him.I love justin bieber fyi. people say that he sounds like a girl but guess what atleast he can sing better then you . because if he couldnt sing he wouldnt be famous (what then!)but guess what more girls like justin bieber than they will ever like you.Justin Bieber sees all these hater comments but guess what he doesnt care because he has come all this way to become famous and he is not going to give up on anything that people say. because he has faith something that you will never have.


DAM Y IS THERE SO MUCH HATERZ IN DIS WORLD DAM SOME PLP CNT GET A BRAKE THESE DAYZ CAN THEY. I mean serously how u gonna juge the kid that all the haterz r just mad becuz some cnt live there dream & some can!but watevers


I think justin should just shave all his hair off. He looks so good with a shaved head.All the girls have too realize it's his hair and if he wants to shave it he can!!!!!!!!!!


i knew it was just a bold cap from the beggining NO LIE anywase who cares if hes would be bold or not its not bout the looks bout if they a good person or not & justin ur probably not even reading this cuz all ur fans say the same thing over & over I LUV U JUSTIN,UR SO CUTE yup like those kind of things ya i like u in all im not sayin i dont its just im not all over you cuz i dnt know you like that:)


Ha! Doesn't matter if he shaved his head, to me he still looks like a female. Only now he looks like a bald female! I love how a lot of the people on here who like him can't even spell. It's BALD not BOLD. Get it right. Michael Jackson is more of a man then JUSTINE Bieber is, and when I was younger I always thought MJ was a girl. People need to realize that this kid is just another wannabe, he isn't worth shit. So get a life, thank-you :)


Justin Beiber is a gay wanna be. All you girls who fawn over him need to get a life. His music sucks, and he sucks (balls). Im sorry but I ain't feeling the 'Beiber fever'... its more like the swine flu...