OMG: Justin Bieber Goes Bald!

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Would the girls still swoon over Justin Bieber without Justin Bieber's signature haircut? Jimmy Kimmel decided to find out last night on his ABC talk show.

When the host threw the idea out there, the star was surprisingly receptive. After they returned from a commercial break, the air fell out of the room.

Justin Bieber displayed a completely shaved, bald head:

"I like it," Kimmel said, admiring his handiwork. "You look like a young Lex Luthor!" Bieber concurred after a moment, "I kind of like it, too."

But was it real or just a funny prank the two pulled on the audience (with an assist from Diddy)? Follow the jump for his full interview and see:

Sorry, Beliebers, for trying to pull one over on you. But you can breathe a sigh of relief: it turns out it was all just a stunt, courtesy of a bald wig.

You have to admit, though, that whole interview was pretty great. The Bieb is a good sport if nothing else, and he raised a valid point in there.

If he were bald, you'd just have to focus on his voice. We imagine a few of hims 7 million Twitter fans could live with that. Besides, it grows back.

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PPLEEEEEEEEEEESE do not shave your hair again!!!


me always pray for you,,,,,,,,,,


even though what justin bieber haircut, he will always cute.....


i would laugh my ass of if he did that and honestly i would have some respect for him if he had the balls to do that.. so many girls would be heart broken, and i say it serves them right-if they adore someone solely on hair!


how could you justin bieber


you gay idot pop star


i love justin no matter what he looks like :)


even though justin bieber is bald he is allways the number one hotest pop star in the world no mattter what he looks like i will allways love him even if he is bald i will still love him as the number one pop star just saying that people how dont know him and hate him should back off cause they dont know what he gose throgh every day like when some on throgh a water bottel at him or when girls chase him he still loves his fans so back off if you dont like him and think hes a girl


omg noooo!!!! justin bieber you are still amazing even if you shaved your head it does not matter at all he is still our good justin bieber.


K so anyone who hates Justin Bieber, can hate him, and to all the Bieliebers that love him, ik you guys care, but you have to remeber most of us won't always be around to stand up for him not saying you guys will stop or anything, but, If he sounds like a girl thats the haters opion, some people might say that he sounds good, Im on nobodys side. and curly hair girl if you think he's a spoiled brat, and think that he's only going to talk about his first pubic hair how about you go and watch it before you say anything else. Sincerly someone who thinks everbody needs to mind their own BISSNI'S !!!!! :) thank you