OMG: Justin Bieber Goes Bald!

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Would the girls still swoon over Justin Bieber without Justin Bieber's signature haircut? Jimmy Kimmel decided to find out last night on his ABC talk show.

When the host threw the idea out there, the star was surprisingly receptive. After they returned from a commercial break, the air fell out of the room.

Justin Bieber displayed a completely shaved, bald head:

"I like it," Kimmel said, admiring his handiwork. "You look like a young Lex Luthor!" Bieber concurred after a moment, "I kind of like it, too."

But was it real or just a funny prank the two pulled on the audience (with an assist from Diddy)? Follow the jump for his full interview and see:

Sorry, Beliebers, for trying to pull one over on you. But you can breathe a sigh of relief: it turns out it was all just a stunt, courtesy of a bald wig.

You have to admit, though, that whole interview was pretty great. The Bieb is a good sport if nothing else, and he raised a valid point in there.

If he were bald, you'd just have to focus on his voice. We imagine a few of hims 7 million Twitter fans could live with that. Besides, it grows back.

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Oh no Justin Bieber joined Desteni!


I love justin bieber but PLZZ NEVER SHAVE UR HEAD!! ever!


Omg this is so badly no matter im not going to hate you i love you so much and i will fight for you jb you will be mine i swear


Wow,you bald??
Hehe, but you still handsome in my eyes.
Yeah, . . .
I wait you in Indonesia,justin. See you. . .


we love justin bieber!
i know some peopple don't like him but we do!
he is the same person inside! i know some of u r hating selena gomez but you need to leave them to it!
i love them both and if you got a problem take it out on some one else not the best people in the worl
that is justin bieber and selena gomez xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


My friend did a report on this and i told her it was fake. She didn't believe me.... so now i can show her this!!!!!!!!!!! haha


listen mainly justin bieber lovers
justin bieber is gay wow hes doin a movie about his life wow, thankfully NOONE GIVES A CRAP! anyone could do a movie about thier life but guess what noone cares yeah he shaved his head thats his stupid dicision its his fault 4 bein a crack baby so yeah he sings horiblely but it dosent mean everyone whos not def has to listen so guess what u have ur own stupid oppion bout him bein a good singer when hes not and dont think he actually shaved his head either cuz everyone knows a bald cap when they see one!!!! now thank you for liftin your faces from ur bieber magazines to read this we know ur obsessed but mabe its time to reallize that he WILL never love you back now you can get back to ur ugly obsessions
lynn & anna


i will always love justin even if he shaves his head. He is the same person inside. Never judge a book by its cover. Its whats inside that counts.


why the hell would you do that and pull a stunt like that for it's really not funny !!!!!!!!!!!!


Read everything before you comment there girls, half of you think he actually did it. I think he needs to lose the signature swoop hair. I wouldnt do the shaved head, he looked a little weird but a buzz cut would have been alright. He should reconsider and do this for real, might get some respect where there is none. I wish him good luck in the coming years, shit might get tough for him. Hes on def jam and not disney though, hes got that going for him. He's like... half legit. Maybe more, I dont know the kid, aaaand I havent really heard his music... but theres too much hype for me to really give a fuck.