Olivia Wilde vs. Kim Kardashian: Who Would You Rather...

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FHM has come up big for men all over Europe this month.

In France, those that subscribe to this publication can drool over photos of Olivia Wilde in the March 2011 edition, a few of which feature the House star without a shirt on. Oh, yes, you read that correctly.

Meanwhile, British readers can sort through a handful of images rarely seen before in the pages of a magazine: Kim Kardashian in a bikini!

  • Olivia Wilde for FHM France
  • Covering FHM UK

Below, we've posted thumbnails of each of these beauties, courtesy of the FHM editions above. Click on each to enlarge, gather the necessary information and then answer the following poll:

  • Kim Kardashian in a Bathing Suit
  • Bikini Frolick
  • Splashing Around
  • Kracking Up
  • All Wet Again

Olivia or Kim. Which would you rather...


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1:10 create smnothieg new? the hell! I've seen movies were people switch bodys before even in series people accidentally swap bodies sow tell me wallball-girlie how's this new?f6


@Ashley..Newsflash hun! Not all of Kim's body part are real. Lol. Sometimes I just dont understand people like you, just because you dont like someone does not make you a "hater"...Are you for real? RELAX. Its called an opinion. Go on Websters Dicitionary and look up what an "opinion" is..hope you learned something today hun.


Ok "star" lets get sum shit strait. Olivia is ugly and has fake boobs. kim is real so dnt b a hater cuz u cant bang them both so go suck a cock instead.U no she looks good. Im sure ur the whore.


This one is a no brainer. OLIVIA for SURE!! Everything about her is so much better than the Kardashian whore