Natalie Munroe, Pennsylvania English Teacher, Suspended For Trashing Students on Blog

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Natalie Munroe, a high school English teacher in Pennsylvania's Central Bucks School District, has been suspended for going off on students in her blog.

After her school found out Munroe was writing blog posts about her students for her friends and family to enjoy, she was quickly suspended without pay.

"I don't think I did anything wrong," she said on Good Morning America.

Some of her best lines, which could easily be Sue Sylvester quotes if coupled with the Glee character's penchant for bullying, include these gems:

  • "Although academically okay, your child has no other redeeming qualities."
  • "I didn't realize one person could have this many problems."
  • "There's no other way to say this, I hate your kid."
  • "A complete and utter jerk in all ways."
  • "I hear the trash company is hiring."

Her posts also reference "out of contol," "rude, lazy, disengaged whiners," and "rat-like," "frightfully dim" students who dress like "streetwalkers."

More details and a video interview with Munroe after the jump ...

The school superintendent says her behavior was "very egregious" and "certainly could result in termination." Her blog is now being investigated.

Asked if it ever crossed her mind that someone would find this, Munroe said, "No, not really, not ever, in fact, it was up there for over a year."

Munroe said that on her blog, she was "not writing it not about anyone specific, they were caricatures of students that I've had over the years."

"It was meant tongue and cheek for myself and my friends, it was not for mass consumption... I'm sorry that it was taken out of context."

"But," she adds, "I stand by what I said."

Here's Natalie Munroe on GMA ...

What's your take on the situation?


I agree with Lara...Kids have no respect these days and I don't think anyone should have to put up with their behavior. I applaud Natalie for speaking her mind, which btw, is still protected under our first amendment right last time I checked....


LOL!! Come on, I'll bet every teacher in the world has these thoughts! As long as she didn't name names who cares? If she said these things in class or named a student it would be an issue but otherwise it's not. Teenage students can be a big pain in the butt I'm sure even the parents know that.


Is this woman new to teaching or something??? Kids have always been like this it's called being a teenager. Her job should be to inspire children and not put them down. PS - To every bad teacher that has this kind of bitter attitude there are two good teachers who really care and understand that kids will be kids. PSS - I like how she says "I hear the trash company is hiring." I wonder if she knows that garbage men make more money per year than teachers do.


my mom was a teacher for 20 years and you would be shocked to know how incredibly rude,selfish,and disrespectful 90% of her students were. they called her every name in the book, and what's really sad is that my mom really loved and cared about her students and their futures. I feel her pain, I've seen my mom cry. if she wants to vent then vent! maybe in a letter to family and friends instead of a blog, but still,it's freedom of speech and people should know that their kids are a-holes to their poor teachers.i'm sure this women loves to teach, and should have not to put up with this crap, when she is simply doing her's a sad society we respect.:(