Natalie Munroe, Pennsylvania English Teacher, Suspended For Trashing Students on Blog

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Natalie Munroe, a high school English teacher in Pennsylvania's Central Bucks School District, has been suspended for going off on students in her blog.


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    I have boss like this why is nobody giving him a pink slip ?

    What a fat pig douchbag


    Our kids have enought critics and bullies. They need advocates and champions. While not illegal, this is certainly unethical and utterly belittling. If you want to change your students, help them; Meet with their parents, meet with them, connect with them. This just makes her look like another high school student. News flash: Frontal lobes are not fully developed in teenage years. Or, evidently for some middle-aged teachers.


    Ha thats what my teachers say about me.


    This woman should not be teaching. She is in a position of authority, part of whose job is to MODEL maturity, wisdom and good decision making. I'd expect a teen to act this way because they're still maturing. But a grown woman? As a parent, I've always stood behind my kids' teachers if there was any question about my child misbehaving in class, but this woman didn't just discuss problems in the classroom or general misbehaviour. She insulted and degraded students. How can any student (or parent) respect her now? Get out of the career, lady. There are many qualified, mature, motivated teachers waiting to do this job. And I really feel sorry for her kids when they become teens.


    What is it about Americans? They tout all kinds of things - free trade, free speech, literally bombing communities all around the world if they don't trade free, speak free and...

    We have a teacher who speaks her mind and gets suspended for saying what any normal person would say is truly helpful - to her charges as well as the community - especially given the circumstances (living in the modern, internet-based world).

    Americans need to think about why they believe in what they believe in. If you don't really believe in it, leave the rest of the world alone and go down the toilet yourselves or start practicing what you preach.


    Sounds like some of my high school teachers. They should just fire her and let her find another job. I hear the trash company in her town is hiring.


    Wow. As a teacher myself, I understand the frustration that comes with the challenges we face. I do believe, however, that you earn respect by showing respect. If high school is not your level, then by all means change, and try another level. In the society we live in today, teachers can can burned out incredibly fast. It appears as if this is what has happened to her. Perhaps she can take a breather and enjoy her children for a few years. In any case, if you can't remember why you got into teaching in the first place, then talk to your friends or a therapist, not the internet, in the form of a blog. There is NO annonymity in that!!


    I am not a teacher. I am a parent of two teenagers and have raised them to be good and respectable children. As soon as they entered high school and have met other teens they also started to become lazy, rude, back talkers and felt a sense of entitlement.


    Why are people defending this crazy woman? It's called Prozac and a doctor can prescribe it to her. Yes, I understand that teenagers can be mouthy. Did she ever stop to find out if these students were having trouble at home? More than likely when a child, yes a child, acts out then there is probably something wrong at home.
    Teenagers have been mouthy for years but that does not mean that this "teacher" has the right to trash her students. Maybe next time she should keep a journal. She should find a new job. Teachers get away with so much crap nowadays and are protected by the schools. She was irresponsible and is now making excuses for her actions and words. I have had teachers that deserved no respect and I have had teachers that were wonderful. These are children no matter how old they are. You are a child until the age of 18. Would people be defending a student if she or he said similar things about a teacher? The answer is a big fat 'no'.

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