MTV Nixes Lauren Conrad Reality Show; Material Deemed "Too High Brow" For Audience

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Last fall, MTV decided to bring back The Hills and Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad for a new reality series focused on the young star’s burgeoning fashion line.

Yesterday, in a bit of a surprise, Conrad's series was passed on by the network.

So Many Choices

“We decided not to go ahead with the show,” Head of Programming David Janollari said. "It was a great attempt but just didn’t feel like a perfect fit for us."

Lauren Conrad personally explained why that is in a statement to EW ...

“We sold a show to MTV, filmed it and are really proud of the final result. MTV felt the subject matter was too high brow for their audience and offered me the opportunity to change the show by incorporating more of my personal life."

"We agreed going in that this would be an aspirational show, focusing on my career and not my personal relationships. We delivered the show that we sold and are sorry MTV didn’t feel their viewers were savvy enough to appreciate it.”

Conrad says the series was more a documentary than a glossy soap like The Hills. Interesting that she walked, rather than put her personal life back on display.

Basically, Jersey Shore is the new MTV flagship and this didn't fit the bill. Are you disappointed they nixed LC's show? Or did it sound boring anyway?


@WV Peach
i agree with you....besides i think that she didnt want to "personal life" on air bcz she thought she would become like the Kardashian family.....not that she isnt on that road already but anyways....


MTV sucks, right now they only make shows for stupid people...
They promised us that there would be a new show with Lauren Conrad, everybody was excited and know they say that it didn't fit for them, well it did fit for me and a lot of other people worldwide!
I hope another programm will pick her show up!

Wv peach

Too highbrow? That's laughable! Does anyone even like her "fashion"? Both she and Whitney Port wear hideous outfits that look poorly made and are of inferior materials. No one but Kim Kardashian wears that much Lycra and! Thank goodness this show was nixed; I can't take anymore "let's eat out all day and cry over bullshit" programs.

Team me

I'm surprised MTV passed it up.
Every other show they air is stupid, so what's wrong with hers?
I'm sure her show would have been just as stupid as Jersey Shore.


I think it wouldve been a good show but mtv is more reality type shows. i wouldve seen lcs show but mb a different network would have been a better choice

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