Miley Cyrus: I Love Snooki!

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As of this writing, Miley Cyrus is getting slaughtered by Selena Gomez in her Grammy-based Fashion Face-Off. But the young singer/actress has something even more troubling with which to concern herself:

Her choice of role models.

Talking to Billy Bush and Access Hollywood guest correspondent Pauly D prior to last night's ceremony, Miley said:

"I want to be Snooki, I love her. I'm obsessed, I follow her around,. She's one of the only people I've asked for an autograph and a picture from because I love her and I'm inspired by her."

  • Miley at a Premiere
  • Snooki Drunk

Why, exactly, does Miley admire Snooki so?

"She is who she is and that's what I like," Cyrus says. "All she does is eat pickles all day and I really appreciate that. You can't hate on someone who loves themselves and eats pickles all day."

Not all day, Miles. Pickles didn't make your icon act like this.

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whats up to the face of miley ... she is a pretty girl, but that balloon face????????


Seriously miles.u r inspired? Plus u want 2 be her! Good luck with that plus dont forget to put ur protection mask cuz ur the next person who is getting punched in the face after snooki


"...inspired by her."really....who is inspired by Snooki....o_0....
@kevin i think you're right!!


She looks like someone who is 5 months pregnant!! You know when their face gets all fat!!! kikikiki


Miley seriously looks bloated!!!


@Kevin... it sure does!!!


That explains a lot.


y would u like her miley I know shes fun but isnt she a bit old 4 ya lol go jerey shore


Snooki...really Miley?? How much lower can you stoop?? I guess you think criminal records are cool then. Try and admire a hard worker so you can still survive in Hollywood.


Good god is Snooki a person anyone should look up too? Snooki is a perfect example of what not to do. That anyone admires her makes me want to vomit.