Miley Cyrus: Helping in Haiti

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Engaged in a feud at home with her father, Miley Cyrus has reportedly jetted down to Haiti.

Sources close to the star say she is spending time in the ravaged nation, helping citizens recover from last year's earthquake. She is involved with Sean Penn's The J/P Haitian Relief Organization and posed for the following photo outside her hotel in the country:

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There's not much else to report on the topic, but it's worth noting. This is a legitimately admirable cause and applaud Miley for taking such initiative.


@Joykeana: What are you? Twelve? Apparently, because the level of your commentary reflects someone not much older than that. So without further ado, I'll say goodbye. My overwhelming sense of compassion prohibits me from engaging in a battle of wit or intelligence with an unarmed person. Good day.


O.K. all of these were hilarious for sure!!!
So I am definitely not mileyfan#1 but I would have to say that I am happy that she is doing something constructive with her fame and money. Yes, it is shocking that she is fully clothed and not drunk all over the place but I will have to wait to hold my opinion if she has really changed or just a leopard who cannot change its spots. Well have to see, this one good deed did not sway my opinion.
And BTW-I don't think that whether or not she was 18 when the earthquake happened mean much. Just because she only went recently doesn't mean it was due to her turning 18. She might have had other obligations just saying.


@none of your buisness or is it no one cares? Yeah, she is better.@ anonymous u really have a boring life since ur here fighting for something u cant win. Just say it u like miley, cuz if u didnt u wouldnt be here commenting all the time. Oh and also ur best arguement is people can't spell? Ur pathetic!!!!!!


I like her vido who owns my heart' i think it rocks.. on in haiti' tell her to keep on doing what she does best? i think she is really hot.. if only i was a young lad, i would give her run for the money.. oh well keep on rocking.. miley love ya girl.


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Okay, first of all, those of you who are so avidly defending her are obviously a bunch of children, based on your spelling and typing skills: @MileyFANNUMBEROne: The word is not "PEFEDIC"- it's "PATHETIC", which is sadly, more befitting yourself than anyone you are so desperately trying to belittle here. Instead of spending your time worrying about what Miley is doing, you might try reading a dictionary and learning how to spell. @Mcforever: I crap better than her. Same goes for the rest of you pathetic losers.


shes so amazing all those haters just mad cuz shes actually better than them :p


Every time she doess a good thing all these lame gossio sites make it look mad well screw all you miley haters shes an amazing talented girl


@anonymous u suck really u dont get it right? First if u hate miley so much why r u here? Clearly u have nothing else to do. It wasnt just a dress a song she has done so many other things and how many stars have done what she has done? U said it like 3, only very few stars and among those is miley cyrus but she hasnt only done that. She is chairman of her on charity get ur good on and help other charities. How much have u done? instead of helping her bring notice to this ur bringing negativity so please stop commenting and get a life!!!


Really? She helped record a song and she donated a dress to auction? Is that all you've got? Weak. I'm not saying she doesn't deserve credit for what she's doing now, but don't make her out to be a saint just because she made ONE trip to Haiti, and as far as I can tell, she hasn't actually DONE anything yet. When she's done as much as Patricia Arquette or Sean Penn or Maria Bello or Matt Damon or Ben Stiller, (who have ALL been ACTIVELY WORKING in Haiti for the past year now) then you can start praising her. But until then, you and Miley can suck it.


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