Miley Cyrus: Fuming Over Father's Comments!

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Miley Cyrus is angry. Really angry. Peeved even.

A friend tells Pop Eater that the former Disney star simply can't believe her father opened up to GQ this manner in such a disturbing, strange manner.

"To say Miley is angry is an understatement," a pal says. "She's furious that her own flesh and blood would make a private matter so public. Who does he think he is, Michael Lohan?"

Billy Ray
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Reports claim Miley and her father have not spoken since December. We can't confirm that, but this same source says Miley has labeled her dad's comments as "unforgivable," adding:

"This isn't what a father does. He never said a bad world about Hannah Montana all those years it made millions for the family, and now that Miley has turned 18 and is making her own decisions, he does this. Unforgivable."

It's hard to argue with this insider, isn't it?


okay all u people who talked bad stuff about miley u really need to stop it right now because it's just not right okay stop right now and right away


u r so nice and cool please don't stop singing


miley cyrus u r very pretty i loved u on hannah montana u rock and u r very sweet i love your lyrics i also have your albums u r a great actress who r u dating


Miley should thank and respect her father. He made it easy for her because he was a famous singer before her.


u all need 2 stop talkin trash about miley bcuz u act lik u havnt done anything...every teen is going 2 do something their parents dont agree with n whether they regret it or not is their choice. how she lives her life is how she chooses. she doesnt hav 2 please u so get that right...n b4 u say anything about her, check urself the song goes "nobody's perfect" u lived by her song then, live by it now. jus bcuz shes grown up now doesnt mean u should make her feel bad about anything. shes famous n pretty much has no privacy bcuz of ppl lik u...stop making it harder 4 her 2 live her own private life. if ur friend was doin something wrong u wouldnt tell the world so stop gossiping about miley!!! shes jus as human as any1 else n deserves her own privacy 2!!!


@Paula: Proof?


she is stupid for not talking to her dad since the month of December bcos he exposed her. but i also blame her father, u kno the divorce also affected her wat do u guys think???????


i hate her nw nd she is really a slut!!!!


I think her father is just worried about her! Perfectly natural! That's what a good father is suppose to do! Love, and be worried about your kids! I liked miley a lot more as Hanna Montana! I understand she's growing up, but its not necesseraly for the better! Sorry for saying this, but you can grow up without having to act cheap and exposing yourself infront of the cameras! Does a young lady have to act cheap these days to make it in Hollywood? Sorry Miley, I don't blame your dad for being worried! I would be to!


Okay for starters, shes spoken to him this year. She said so on Mileyworld in a video. Second, What she did was wrong, yes, we know that. But shes 18! She is an ADULT and still learning. You make mistakes throughout your life. Its PART of life. So just leave her alone.

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