Michael Vick to Sit Down With Oprah

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Michael Vick, who fell from grace as an NFL star and landed in a federal prison for dogfighting, only to reemerge as a star years later, is coming to Oprah.

The talk show queen's interview with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is set to air on Thursday. Oprah Winfrey will also do an extensive feature on Vick.


Officials with Chicago-based Harpo Productions say she will spotlight Vick's time in prison, work with the Humane Society and return to NFL stardom.


Vick. Oprah. The much-anticipated interview airs Thursday.

Vick served 18 months in prison over a dogfighting ring based on his property in Surry County, Va. In 2007, several dogs were seized from his property.

He was released, then reinstated to the NFL for the 2009 season and has been doing public-service work, including with the Humane Society, ever since.

Do you think Michael Vick is a changed man? Will Oprah take it to him with tough questions? Are you looking forward to seeing him on the program?

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Lol! Now I am as bad as Vick because I'm an omnivore? I'm not sorry I eat meat. Humans have canine teeth precisely for that reason. If you want to be a vegan, more power to you. But don't hang your shizzy guilt on me. There is a big difference between someone who hosts illegal cockfights in their backyard and someone who frequents kfc (which is nasty btw). "Because no defends them" doesn't make it right. And last time I checked there were watchdogs that do make sure animals are killed humanely remember PETA? It is all gross though. Slaughtering animals. But I'm not ready to say because I eat steak I'm as guilty as Vick. He made a conscious decision to abuse animals. I just need a damn sandwich to sustain life.


I think all of us are two faced. We complain about Vick and the dog fighting, but if you eat meat then you are no better than him. What happens to the animals we enjoy for our personal gains. Is this not the same or worst than dog fighting. Go to a slaughter house and see how chickens, pigs and cows are treated and no one defends them....


Big deal he served time. Most criminals do. He has changed direction because he had no where to go but up, okay? I'm sure he can't take a shit w\o a PR team guiding his every move. Its called spindoctoring. He is not a good person. You are an idiot. This is not a black thing, but you want to make it one. Would you defend him with this much fervor if he were white? I think not. I'm sure you think O.J. was innocent too. Get a clue.


Who said I am white. He is still going to rot in hell. Lmfao!


Oprah don't let these white people talk you out of being a christian. Remember these are the same people that spit in your face when you were a child and called you names. Just know if you ever disagree with them they will turn on you and call you names again. Remember Jesus


White people love to hate and then judge like they are God there is a place in hell for those who don't forgive. God forgave him and you will and can go to hell for not doing it. God forgave you sickos for raping, torturing and killing human beings. So who do you think you are to send someone to hell, when a dogs life is more than a human's life especially a black person. Forgive and you shall be forgiven. Or worship your idol dogs and go to hell.


Why? Because I hate people that are mean to defenseless animals, especially dogs. I don't need to look in the mirror to know there is a special realm of hell reserved especially for Vick! I hope he rots there!


Why so much hate for Vick? Look in the mirror if you dare.