Michael Vick Calls Audible, Bails on Oprah

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Michael Vick just called time out on his interview ever with Oprah Winfrey that was set to air next week. The abrupt cancellation was not explained.

"Michael Vick was scheduled to be a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show for an episode airing next Thursday," said a spokesman for Harpo Productions.


"Mr. Vick's representatives called to cancel his appearance for personal reasons."

Vick did not elaborate, but told Philadelphia Sports Daily, that "I admire and respect Oprah and hope to be able to participate in an interview in the future."

Why would the NFL star bail? It's doubtful that he's ducking tough questions, as he's faced them head on for over a year, and he has a heck of a story to tell.

After running an illegal dogfighting ring led to a 23-month stint in prison and home confinement, he returned to the NFL in 2009 and climbed back to stardom.

Some sources say the cancellation may boil down to a friendly wager. Seriously.

Last month, Winfrey and Piers Morgan bet each other 200 pounds (about $300) on the air over who would be the one to land a Michael Vick interview first.

Last week, Winfrey tweeted that she was withdrawing from the bet.

It came out that Vick could not be involved in any type of gambling, no matter how innocent, and he made dropping the bet a prerequisite for coming on.

Perhaps in consultation with attorneys or managers, he decided he did not even want a hint of impropriety and felt it better to postpone the interview.

Or he could have just had a dentist appointment or something. Who knows, but we hope he comes on at some point for what would be a great Q&A.


Did I say girlfriend? I think Obinna and a guy are the same person. How pathetic is that? Maybe it was one of your "personalities." Take your meds.


Character and quality are not measured in money accrued. I could give a rat's ass if he is loaded or not. Of course football embraced him again, he is the exact troglodyte they seek. Nice move having ur girlfriend comment after you. She is about as bright as you. Illusive is not a word. ELUSIVE is though. Keep up the good work! Invest in a dictionary and even a thesaurus. Please don't breed.


White america,oooh so righteous. Your govt is killing babies and women in places like iraq and afghanistan, in search of the illusive wmd. That's not bad, its for the peace and security of mainland america. But hey lock up mike vick, he killed dogs.


@psychontas this will make you feel better then. i tried being nice. MICHAEL VICK WILL POCKET 23 MILLION DOLLARS THIS UPCOMING SEASON IN THE NFL. HE JUST MADE 5 MILLION THIS YEAR. AND IF ALL GOES WELL, HE'LL SIGN A DEAL AND MAKE ANOTHER GUARANTEED 50 MILLION DOLLARS. SUCK ON THAT YOU HATERS. REGARDLESS OF THE FUTURE, HE'LL HAVE POCKETED 30MILLION SINCE COMING BACK. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. quite frankly, football fans have far more say and power in society then any of you pathetic bitter haters. and we have spoken. it's funny though, an extreme nutbag group like peta has forgiven vick, but you sickos can't. ya, vick had some issues before, but you're the ones with the mental problems now.


He is a jerkoff animal abuser! So what if he served time in jail. I don't have any respect for a degenerate animal abuser. "Dog fighting is to the ghetto as hunting is to rednecks." Lmfao! But even hunters get permits and do it legally in season. Dog fighting is illegal and abusive. Someone should put you in a ring, see if you like to fight for your life. Yea boy! You need a leash for your ignorant thoughts.


Thank you for taking such an active intrest in my life! I am very flattered! Alas, I am not heavy as you imply. I am an active swimmer, have been since college! Have a great afternoon lol! Cya!


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@Erin: My dear...my young young dear... You have so very much to learn about life. I don't watch football, never have! Its not about "people like me" not being able to move on, its about "people like HIM" who have an absolute disregard for life. You really think ANYONE who purposefully mistreats ANY of the creatures of this earth can actually "pay the consequences" and move on like everything is hunky-dory? Nope, and you are a fool for believing so. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but all that mattered to him was the money. And with regards to my life...lets see...Job? CHECK! Married? CHECK! Preggo? CHECK! Happy? CHECK! Life is pretty good Erin, thanks for asking :)


Sure, Erin, let's bring back Idi Amin, too. Maybe Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein. As long as they apologize, they can return to their earlier professions, the fortunes they amassed, and cheering crowds.


Ginaa... SHUT UP. I'm so sick of people like you who can't move on and keep bringing up Vick's past. Yes, what he did was horrible but it's DONE AND OVER. He has paid the consequences for his actions! If you don't like him than DON'T watch football! Nobody is perfect, maybe you should take a look at your own life and see if the way your are living is correct before worrying about what other people have done.

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