Michael Jackson's Kids to Appear on GMA

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Michael Jackson wanted his kids to lead the normal childhood he never had, but they still idolize their famous dad and want to follow in his footsteps.

So they told Good Morning America in interview to air tomorrow.

The late King of Pop's mom, Katherine, joins Prince, Paris and Blanket in talking about how they have "adjusted pretty well" to life without Michael.

The kids are young, but their career plans involve "continuing what our dad was doing." Paris added, "I'm thinking about auditioning for a play."

Here's a preview of the segment, which should be interesting:


I think it is long overdue that the world sees just how 'normal' Michael Jackson really was (and craved to be) and how he just wished to raise his children with the most humble and normal upbringing despite his huge success. If only the world treated Michael as if her were just another 'human being' while he was alive, possibly some of the tragedy in his life may have been prevented. His children are his legacy and I am so glad the world can finally see what a great father and person he was and what a great job he did raising his beautiful and very well spoken children. It is very obvious how much love they still hold in their heart for him. I hope they continue to spread their father's word of love by their future choices and actions.


I think Michael would of been proud of his kids no matter what. He did not want them in the public eye. His greedy family have done nothing bt exploit his career and now his death and children. They already did Oprah. Now GMA? Why dont we do what Michael really wanted and let these children lead a somewhat normal private life!? He would not be pleased at how things are being handled.


This is good. The world needs to know how amazing Michael Jackson was, and it is his kids who are going to show them. Good on them!


Michael would be very proud of his kids


That so sweet of them they remind of my brother and me when we lost our dad at a very young age we had 2 grow up fast just they r but i know mike would have been very proud of them good luck 2 them

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