Michael Jackson: Veteran Anesthesiologist Shopper

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Innocent victim of Dr. Conrad Murray, victim of the perils of prescription medication, victim of his own abuse of his body or a little bit of all three?

However you want to describe him, Michael Jackson was an addict. So much so that he actually interviewed an anesthesiologist before he died.

Jackson wanted a personal anesthesiologist to travel to London and "take care of him" during his This Is It tour, according to a new report.

This Was It

As we know, the London tour never ended up happening, as Jackson, scared and sedated in his final days, passed away before it could begin.

Michael's Propofol addiction for years before his death was no secret, and he tried recruiting Dr. David Adams, a Las Vegas anesthesiologist.

Dr. Adams told LAPD investigators that just months before MJ's death, Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson both met with him about it.

Adams had a history with Michael, having put him under with Propofol four times over the course of two years for various medical procedures.

Adams texted Murray, "I'd like to be on board. Let's talk about it." However, MJ and Murray never contacted him again, according to Adams.

Murray's defense has subpoenaed Dr. Adams for his upcoming trial on involuntary manslaughter charges, set to star in March or April.

It's not entirely clear why, but seems likely that Murray will try to use Adams as part of his defense theory that Jackson was a lost cause.

In other words, he was such an addict and in such poor shape that to hold Murray accountable for his demise is legally unsubstantiated.

What do you think? Dr. Conrad Murray ...


Tabloid propaganda filtered with lies all throughout this ridiculous article and the "writer" knows it. No one bothers to fact check anything. FAIL! The felon Murray is GUILTY because he was charged and sentenced with 17 egregious violations of standard care for which death would be EXPECTED in a court of law. You don't believe it? Read, the actual court documents. BTW, you don’t have nor develop an addiction to propofol. Medical experts in that case testified to that in great lengths. Michael has never shopped nor used any illegal medications NOR prescribed medications that he needed. Fact! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Luciana camino

Baseless from headline to the end... Ag! This makes me feel so sick....

Luciana camino

The addiction of Propofol is not possible! Look for a dictionary... Addiction is not same than depencency!


Does the so called writer of this article know Michael Jackson? According to his autopsy there were no drugs in his system except the ones Murray gave him. So how do you know he was an addict? You were there? A lost cause? What a horrible thing to say about any human being. Michael was not a lost cause-he gave so much to the world and had so much more to give. Please don't write about what you don't know.

Luciana camino
@ caf

So true!


I hope that Dr.Murray doesn't forget to tell the judge that, pigs have wings and they can fly, during his trial. I am sure his laywers won't forget to
mention that.


MJ was addicted and would have gotten propofol no matter what. So I Dr.Murray might as well give it to him without the right equipment. Then if MJ dies I will be innocent. That sounds like a respectable, logical and serious doctor. Did he get his education and common sense from a package of corn flakes?


Lilly GO AWAY DEMON!Michael was Murdered and there is MORE than you think going on.Not to worry ,Michael has not gone in vain!The Complete TRUTH will be known!!!


It's not a secret that Jackson was introduced to
propofol during his later tours. Medical
procedures for anyone also include it's use
Murray decided to be an anesthesiologist...
far out of his scope of practice; in a bedroom
for insomnia without monitoring or rescue
equipment; he left the room, was distracted
lied repeatedly to medical personnel and
now agrees to blame his ONE patient
for his death.
His responsibility was to say no but a paycheck
and arrogance trumped sound judgement
This is one more blatant example of blame
the victim and exactly what the defense
Shame on you for this piece of tabloid


Whatever, Murray was still the doctor who administered the drug. Michael's death is a homocide and he's dead ebacue of murray.


If Michael had a proper anesthesiologist, he'd probably still be alive. An anesthesiologist should be administering anesthesia. Michael knew this (obviously, since he was out trying to hire the best one). Murray wasn't an anesthesiologist, he was a cardiologist. Why was Conrad Murray administering any form of anesthesia whatsoever? Nothing makes sense about what happened; it shouldn't of happened. It's so absurd!


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