MJ's Kids on Conrad Murray: Best Doctor Ever?

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Last fall, we reported that Michael Jackson's children may be asked to testify on behalf of Dr. Conrad Murray, as the embattled physician's lawyers seek to establish that the late, great King of Pop had longstanding drug addictions.

While that says little about Murray's actual care, Jackson's kids apparently thought highly of him in that regard too, because their famous father did.

The children refused to believe that their dad died of a heart attack in June 2009, since MJ raved that Dr. Conrad Murray was the best doctor on Earth.

For what it's worth, Michael and the kids loved Murray.

Jackson's former nanny, Grace Rwaramba, has described his addictions in detail, and spoke with LAPD investigators about how Dr. Murray became a "regular" around the house when the singer lived in Vegas, visiting at least twice a week.

Grace said Michael would constantly praise Murray in front of the kids, and that's why after he died, the kids would say, "There's no way daddy could have died of a heart attack because Dr. Murray is the best doctor in the whole world."

Grace also said Michael first met Murray through a member of MJ's security team.

As she explains it, Jackson felt he could trust Murray in large part because the security guy claimed he had some sort of mysterious leverage over the doctor.

Grace offered no further explanation about the mysterious leverage, but like everything else related to Michael Jackson, truth is often stranger than fiction.

On an unrelated, but equally peculiar note, Grace says on a family trip to Florida, the kids called 911 when they discovered MJ "passed out" in their hotel.

It's unclear when the incident took place or what caused it.


that conrad aint no doctor he's an actor he didnt even know what he was doing when it all happened




those kids look like him. They are definitly his blood= his kids


If MJ was aware of the message Dr.Murray received from Dr.Adams he wouldn't have had to call the nurse asking her to get him an anaesthetist. It doesn't make sense. And if the anaesthetist had been with MJ that day maybe MJ would still be alive today.


Maybe it was all about greed. MJ and Murray met dr Adams an anaesthetist months before MJ died. They wanted him to work for MJ. A while after the meeting dr Adams texted dr Murray and said he was interested and wanted to be MJ's doctor and give him propofol. But Murray never contacted him. Maybe Murray was afraid he would end up with less money in his pocket. And poor MJ never got the message that the anaesthetist was interested taking the job. Murray maybe kept that info to himself. If that is the case Murray is guilty for MJ's death whatever happened that day.


MJ hired a heart doctor. The best heart doctor in the world according to his kids. One of the 2 autopsys said MJ's heart was healthy and strong. If that autopsy is correct, why did MJ hire a heart doctor in the first place if his heart was healthy and strong, and an anaesthetist was interested in taking the job as MJ's doctor? And why did MJ call a nurse asking for propofol when he knew an anaesthetist in Las Vegas who wanted to give him propofol?


These kids are pretty old (except for little blanket), there is no way they are tricked by these antics.... feeling threatened that he will pull the same shit on a loved one, maybe, tricked NO! They are saying this because they are being forced and I bet when jail time is on the line they will tell what really happened if they have to speak, but to be honest they should be left out of this, they have been through enough, and they are not old enough to have to testify for their dead parent!


Leave his kids out of it for crying out loud!!!! They are kids,they lost heir father,don't use them as pawns in this!!! Of course MJ praised the Dr, the man was giving him the drugs he wanted even though at least 1 had no medical use outside an OR. Of course he was an addict (tho that is sad) but to keep pumping an addict full of their drug of choice is illegal for Drs to do. Dr Murray let the money he got and the fame of MJ override his duty as a physician. MJ may have gotten the drug elsewhere if Dr Murray did what he should have and said no but no one will ever know now. I have no idea how his kids liking the Dr. or MJ being an addict i supposed to help his case,seems to me it would hurt it.

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