Michael Jackson Fans to Star in New Music Video

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Michael Jackson's estate has been raking in the cash since he passed away, without the music superstar being around to promote his own iconic image.

How do you make a Michael Jackson music video sans Michael Jackson himself, for example? Old footage of MJ and new clips of Jackson fans, natch!

We saw it in "Hold My Hand" (with Akon, below) and for his next video, the star's official site is actively recruiting fans to upload and edit their clips!

The best MJ fan clips will be used in the music video for his song "Behind the Mask." The Behind the Mask Project is open to boys and girls of all ages.

We just hope a certain cab driver sends in some clips. If you don't know what we're talking about, follow the jump and we think you'll agree ...


R.i.p. Mj. He & his music is wonderful btw no1 can make full of us by using his voice. But the voice in the album is totally his.i hav heard that many times.(i m not an expert here) but its his voice.still no1 shouldn't participate to that program.it's an insult to mj & his legacy.


I agree with you, Cathy. They release a song with MJ singing "Hold My Hand" knowing that this is exactly what the fans really need most to get through their woes yet they know it can never happen. Why? Because HE'S DEAD!!! Even if he were alive, it would never happen. So why be so cruel? Money. It's all about the money. So I'm with you and they ain't gettin any of mine! MJ's legacy to me was pre-06/25/09. Everything afterwards has been a complete joke and an outright scam.


ok i guess michael's legacy suppose to die ok that y michael album flop cause the fans thinks michael voice wasnt on the album and that a lie cause i bought it i know his voice that him yet the fans listening to the media and that y it flop what it exactly sony trying to do ? why don't they release some more of his songs that what im waiting on sony not a video but still i don't think the fans should boycott it wouldnt hurt to join it be quite fun i wish lived in Hollywood but sadly i live in boring FL sucks 4 me i think FL is a wasteland


Cathy Anderson, MJ unfortunately is no longer alive to fight for or make decisions that will impact his legacy. A legal contract was signed with Sony and even though we as fans may not accept all of Sony’s actions, the fact remains, if MJ’s products or projects are boycotted, we are not only hurting Sony, we will also be hurting MJ and his legacy!!!


MY but isn't SONY being clever! ??? Buying Jackson fans by giving them a split second of exposure. IF IF IF, you are a true Jackson fan..respect him by not not not participating, SONY is trying to dupe you. Are we that dense?! I hope not. STAND UP for Michael..........don't participate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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