Michael Jackson "Always Around" His Children

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Michael Jackson is always around his children, even in death.

Their uncle, and MJ's brother, Jackie Jackson explains why.

Vintage Michael Jackson

"They are with their father 24 hours a day," Jackie said of Paris, Prince and Prince II (Blanket). "They have pictures in the bedroom. They talk about him all the time."

"They ask me stories about him. They want to know more about him."

The pop star's kids are "doing really well," Jackie said, adding that Prince wants to be a director one day, while little sister Paris wants to be an actress.

"I told the kids, 'You better get busy, because when we were your age, we were selling out concerts,'" Jackie joked, referring to the famed Jackson 5.

The children have embraced that era of their father's life, with Prince even donning a Jackson 5 shirt to a recent Los Angeles Lakers game with Jackie.

The black shirt is a part of the J5 collection that Michael Jackson’s brothers launched using images of the famed band on t-shirts, tank tops and jackets.

Michael's children especially love the shirts, said Jackie: "They like to see us as little kids. We were the same age they are and we were doing our thing."

It's nice that the kids have a strong support system and that for all they have gone through, they appear to be respectful, well-adjusted young people.


Michael era um mago. Não cgoniso tirar os olhos delenem por um segundo!!!! LOVE YOU MIKE…


go kids God bless you 3


Yes I agree with the above comment. The Jackson family are continuing to "use" the name of Michael Jackson by treating the children has a money making machine. I don't think this is what he would have wanted for them. In life he kept them hidden from the world for their own good. Since his death the family have paraded them like animals. The song "They don't care about us" springs to mind. So Jacksons leave them alone.


I hope they are doing good and pray that they are happy. I wish every MJ fan well, his family, friends, and DiLeo well. I am one of the people who are investigating his death hoax. I do believe he is alive. Like MJ says KEEP THE FAITH AND KEEP IT BROTHER.
Love MJ fan,
Emily Martinez


for a father to always be around his children showed that he really loved them.. and we all know that michael loved his children!r.i.p. michael!!


I think Michael would be very upset that Jaackie is telling them to get busy, Michael did not want them to be in the business, He wanted them to have as "normal a childhood as they can have" Also do you notice that they are never alone, they have to always have the other kids around. Michaels brothers didnt make it on their own. Michael was the most talented of all. His kids are never left alone without the brothers kids around. I wonder what Michael would think. He was the most wonderful man that ever lived. He is my hero & I will always love him more then all the stars in the galaxy


i am sorry that your father is dead???


That so sweet that his kids love him so mush they want to know more about him and not giving a damn what the world thinks of him cause they love him that's all that matter i wish them good luck and a happy long life :)


LOOK! I agree with Ginaa whatever the kids are doing he should rest in peace now QUIT IT!


I don't know what to think about MJ...alot of what he did stemed from him not having a childhood...but does that ever excuse sexual abuse? I just hope he can rest in peace now, and I hope those poor kids can at least try to have a semi-normal life.

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